We’ve probably all experienced those annoying situations in the workplace where we’re forgotten, ignored or even ridiculed for something that had nothing to do with us. Perhaps your team is being bullied by a senior project leader, or perhaps your loyalty to the company isn’t be rewarded. These are all situations that can make us question if we’re at the right job, so here’s how to stand up for yourself without causing a huge scene.

Be Assertive

If you have an idea to share or a comment to make, be assertive and take full responsibility or credit for what you’re doing. You don't want a colleague to be given credit for an idea that you came up with, but you also don’t want someone else to take the blame for something that you caused.

Go Through the Right Channels

If there’s a problem, you’ll want to speak to a manager or human resources about it instead of dealing with it personally. If there’s a security hazard, then it needs to be taken to the right people in order to get the message across as quickly as possible.

Don’t Take Abuse

Whether it’s workplace bullying or an injury that your boss is blaming on you, make a stand for yourself. Deal with bullying by speaking to the right people in the workplace or even contacting the police if it reaches the level of harassment. If you’re injured at work and your boss refuses to help, then use the infographic below to help you find the right injury lawyer to help you.

Infographic Source:  Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer