Creating a Good and Lasting Impression for Your Client

by Jerry Mooney

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Being a businessperson encompasses a lot of qualities, traits, and philosophies. These are all the things that you need to take into account and learn by heart if you want to get ahead. You may be technically adept or are very reliable when it comes to operations, but it is equally important that you know how to build rapport with your clients. You need to prioritize this as client relationships ensure that you will have sources of business. But building client rapport is something that many business people take for granted. They think that it is just about talking to them. In reality, you actually have to gain their trust. That’s when the real business happens.

To get clients to trust you, you need to give them reasons to do so. To make sure that it will happen from the get-go, you need to give them a good and lasting impression. This may be something that you do not always consider, especially if you have account executives and business development managers working on this aspect. Nevertheless, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind:

Master the art of small talk

All big things start with a small thing. The same thing is applied to corporate relationships. Big business talks can spring from small talks. This is why you need to master the art of it. Small talks give you a preview of what your clients are. They give you an idea of their attitude toward work, business, and even their personal lives. When you have an idea of how your client behaves, you will find it much easier to come up with a plan when communicating with them. You will be able to determine how to please and appease them.

Revamp your office

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On the technical and operations side of your business, you need to focus on your office. Every now and then, your clients will insist on visiting you to meet the team working on their projects. They may even pay you a surprise visit. Create a good impression with a stunning office. For your future plans, you might consider getting an office unit for rent in Ortigas.

Always get back to your clients with a solution

When you are working with a new client for the first time, you will realize that they will be stuck at the adjustment phase for some time. That’s when you realize that they actually have a lot of problems to address. When they go to you with a problem, ask smart and thorough questions. Sufficient information will always help you come up with a solution; never ever get back to them without a proposed solution. If necessary, come up with options.

Creating a good and lasting impression for your clients will give them a peek of how you conduct business and manage your operations. When they feel that you are actually accommodating and reliable, they will surely delegate some assignments and tasks to you. A good and excellent impression is also one way to get them to trust you.