by Sharon Jones

In this day and age trying to keep up with the times is extremely demanding, for individuals and businesses alike. So imagine the struggle for huge corporations that have offices scattered across the world and reputation management to think about.

Just how do such huge companies stay relevant, especially in the age of technology, everybody is watching their every move. Let’s take a look at what they go through just to keep up.


Dedicated Teams

Most businesses, of course, have dedicated members of staff and teams for the different roles of the business. Huge corporations, on the other hand, don’t just have customer service and standard teams. They have huge think tanks. Dedicated teams that study and predict the rise and fall of the economy.

The teams strategize and try to predict and prepare for every eventuality that could arise. This tactic has been used by corporations for many years, although it started as a military technique, it has been adopted by larger corporations over the last 20 years.

Keeping Up The Contracts

When we think of huge corporations, we think of these huge, amazing buildings that look pristine, inside and most importantly outside. Just how to corporations of this size maintain such huge buildings. The answer is quite simple, they maintain long term contracts with international companies. The corporation would turn to specific contractors for everything from catering, cleaning and a company like Tianjin United Steel Pipe when it comes to external maintenance, would be utilized yearly.

External maintenance is huge for big corporations, they are often updating their external advertising and some even go as far as 5 yearly sandblasting, just so they stand out above the rest.

The Advertising Team

When it comes to advertising, there is nobody better than those at the top of the corporate chain. They have more tricks than the mighty Merlin. One thing can be said, the advertising campaigns are always something quite memorable. Why? Because the campaigns are strictly designed for us, not just to capture our attention but to make us want something we don’t want. 

Corporations can cleverly dance the line between social engineers and targeted advertizing, they can use engine oil instead of syrup because they know, we will believe it’s syrup and the neurological receptors in our brains will fixate on that tiny detail. 

They Keep The Customer Addicted

This sounds more accusatory than it is. As consumers, we keep the corporations alive. After all, they sell the products we want and the majority of us will continue to use the same group of corporations for the remainder of our lives. Why? Because they have built a reputation that we are now accustomed to love. 

We are after all a habit-forming race, we know what we like and the corporations know that the sad truth is simply this. Without them, we would be completely lost. They have kept moving forward and we will keep moving forward with them, so I say this. Despite their small flaws, long live the corporation.