by Sharon Jones

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If your business is experiencing a bit of a slow down, the chances are the panic sirens are starting to go off. While you might have been used to orders flooding in, a buoyant cash flow, and a solid supply chain management, things can sometimes take a downturn even though you cannot pinpoint the cause. You need to ensure that you are able to mitigate this downturn rather than burying your head in the sand. You need to be proactive and search for solutions to make sure that your business keeps running, is successful and does not run the risk of being dissolved. If you’ve never considered a trade show, you need to investigate your local events. These can be incredible marketing tools, and highly effective at drumming up new business for those ventures suffering from poor sales. Take a look at how a trade show could save your business.

Ready Made Customer Base

Every trade show is sector specific; this isn’t a free for all for any new business to set up a booth and try to convince passerby to part with their cash. Instead, you can attend a trade show specifically designed for finance, HR or hospitality sectors. Whatever your industry of choice, there will be a trade show to suit. This means there is a ready made customer base waiting to be tapped. Ensure that you set up your small booth effectively with banner, fee gimmicky giveaways, your product, a laptop with a running slideshow and some space to chat to interested parties. Ensure that you solve a problem with your product or service and that you enthuse those passersby with your potential solution.

You may even get a chance to network with potential suppliers and producers and wholesalers rather than solely end users. This means you could negotiate new deals with online tenders for your supply chain or your services to save you money. Being able to network and develop contacts can be vital for a business that needs more impetus to survive.

Follow Up

If you attend a trade show the chances of making hundreds of the sales on the day are slim. You may make a few sales if you throw in some freebies or use an alluring discount. However most of your business will come post-trade show and this is why you mustn’t lose momentum. Draw up an email list and send a thank you email within forty eight hours of returning home. Offer the same discount as you did on the trade show day, and encourage traffic to your website by inserting relevant social media and blog links.

By following up with an email, you are demonstrating your commitment to securing business. The more contacts you make, the more potential sales you can make. The law of averages states that you need to find as many interested parties as possible to spread the word, gain momentum, enhance your following, and convert interest into sales. Consider a relaunch at your local trade show to see your business rejuvenated and reinvigorated.