Businesses can’t survive without advertising. Whether you’re still using the local newspapers or you’ve moved on to social media and websites, your business must invest in marketing. So, when you’re looking for a way to propel your business into its next phase, it would be common sense to start with advertising first. With the growth of technology comes new and exciting ways for businesses to operate and advertising certainly doesn’t miss out. Here are some of the ways advertising may be used by businesses in the future.


According to a recent study in Japan, three out of every eight couples get more excited about seeing a brand than seeing their partner. This study has announced that oxytocin is released when a person sees a favourite brand; the same kind of natural drug that’s released into the body when a person receives a hug. This means that consumers are finding gratification in just looking at certain brands. If your company doesn’t have a strong brand in place, now is the time to start working on one!


Visual Experiences

You’ve probably already seen the virtual reality headsets that can work with your smartphone. You connect it to your phone and you’re able to experience different things, like rollercoaster rides. It won’t be long before the western world is using virtual reality on a daily basis. Interactive advertising is something that businesses will be using in a few years’ time and consumers are set to lap it up because it provides convenience. For example, a man looking for a specific item in a shopping mall could step into a virtual reality room, say the words ‘sheet metal components’ and a display with options and where to find them would appear on the wall. Whether we’re using virtual reality headsets, holographic images or 3D advertising in malls and shopping centers, businesses need to start thinking visual.



Don’t like working online? Well, get used to it. Some businesses have already started using Bitcoin to pay their employees. Bitcoin is an online currency that can be used to purchase goods and services over the internet. We may be looking at a future where paper and coin currency no longer exists. There will be quicker and more efficient ways of communication and online systems will take over mundane tasks, such as staff rotas. When it comes to advertising, you can forget about printing leaflets, business cards or adverts in newspapers and magazines. It’s time to think digital.

Information Gathering

A good marketing plan is based on the information you have about customers. As technology develops, it will become easier to get the information you need because privacy will become a thing of the past. Doctors will strap devices to each patient to monitor heart rates and a nutritionist will immediately be able to offer services to anyone that needs help. Facial recognition devices will be able to point women in the right direction for a mascara that suits them.  Businesses will be able to take advantage of instant and automated information from a variety of different methods.

The future of advertising has never been brighter for businesses. To ensure your business stays ahead of the marketing curve, you need to be up to date on how technology is advancing so you don’t miss out.