Ecommerce is one of the best things to happen to business in the last century. It’s a fantastic way of quickly selling to people you’ve never even met before. However, with everyone and his mother opening an ecommerce store, you need to find ways of marketing to get your name out there. You can’t expect to just open a store and immediately attract customers. So, when you’re ready to give your business a boost, here are some ways that content marketing can help.



For loyal customers and potential buyers, videos are easy to watch and entertaining. You can capture the imagination of your audience with just one video and intrigue them enough that they’ll want to look into your products further. One of the best kinds of videos are how to tutorials.They’re basically demonstrations of your product that allow customers to see how you’ve found a solution to their problem. End the video with a quick call to action and you’ve got yourself a sale.


Your ecommerce site probably already has a FAQs section. It saves a lot of businesses from answering the same emails over and over again when they could be spending time on more important things. However, the answers to FAQs very rarely give specifics to an audience. Some ecommerce sites have used videos to answer questions so the audience gets a demonstration. Other ecommerce sites have used humor in their answers, so readers aren’t just seeing everyday mundane responses. Get creative with your FAQs section.



When searching the internet, most people are visually stimulated. For example, many people are more likely to read an article if it comes with pictures and social media users are more likely to read information on infographics than they are to read a plain written status update. Use photo rich content on your website for ecommerce solutions to attract visitors and get them to stay. Similarly, buyers are more likely to purchase a product if they can see both a description and photo of it. One without the other could result in your competitor getting the sale.

Think Outside the Box

Many ecommerce businesses have included blogs on their websites. It’s a great way of keeping your customers interested in your products, but it’s also a way of earning respect. Your readers will get a glimpse into your personality and how you think. For instance, an ecommerce beauty store may talk about the disadvantages of wearing beauty products and natural beauty products, as well as the products they sell. It’s all about inspiring your readers so they come back for more.

Never Stop

The reason fresh content on ecommerce sites works so well, is that there’s always something for your audience to see. There should never be a dull moment when it comes to your content so be sure to refresh it daily. More than ever, customers want to be part of the businesses they love. Behind the scenes and ‘how this is made’ content is hugely popular because buyers want to know where their money is going.