How to Ensure the Success of Your Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

by Lina Martinez


Careful planning and implementation are needed to make the most out of outdoor advertising campaigns. Companies are making their advertisements bigger and bolder using billboards and signages produced by tarpaulin makers in the Philippines.

Consumers spend so much time in traffic that they actually have no choice but look at billboards. To be able to catch people’s attention more effectively, follow these steps.

Place Your Money on High-Traffic Areas

The key to a successful outdoor ad campaign is to get as many eyes as interested as possible. It is far better to have one site where you can get millions of views instead of having 10 sites getting you just 100 a pop. Choose high-traffic volume areas for your billboards.

Convert Your Outdoor Tactic to Something Viral and Shareable

The best thing about outdoor ads is that they can be as creative and as innovative as you would like them to be. They can be something that can shock, surprise or send viewers in a frenzy. Make sure your advertising is interesting enough to create a buzz.

Aim to cause people to stop what they are doing, take a picture or video, and share it on social media. There are plenty of billboard ads that have become viral, and this can be free online advertising.

Check Out the Competition


Always make sure you are ahead of the competition. Study their ad location. Do they reach their target market? Do they have a high volume of pedestrian, commuter and vehicular traffic? Find the right site where you can place your ads conspicuously. Do not let your competitors get ahead of you.

Keep It Simple

They often say “less is more,” and the same is true with ads. Always keep your message short and to the point. People look at outdoor ads for only a few seconds. Make sure yours will be unforgettable and something that will catch their attention.

Add stunning visuals to keep it interesting and words that can intrigue, so they will want to find out more. Add a call to action. Make them move and act on your ads.

Kinds of Outdoor Advertisements

The aim of any advertising campaign is to have it posted conspicuously on the streets. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through effective outdoor advertising. Outdoor ads are a great media mix, as these are capable of reaching millions of people, whether by foot, public transit or private vehicle.

It is intended to be very quick and yet leave a lasting impression or impact on the viewer. The following are the most popular kinds of outdoor advertising:

  • Point-of-sale (POS) displays

  • Street Furniture, such as kiosks, phone booths, bus ads and taxi overhead ads

  • Mobile billboards

  • Ambient media

  • Transit ads and vehicle wraps

Previously, billboards or outdoor ads were an easy way to create brand awareness. There are now other advertising channels and media used to get the message across to consumers. Outdoor advertising is no longer limited to billboards. There are other choices revolving around mobile media.