All managers can agree that human resource is what drives the company forward. Their hard work and dedication is translated into profits, brand recognition, and growth of the company. Since they are the most treasured asset, it is important that they know it.

Long gone are those days when promotional pens were the only means to win their heart. When you wish to reward them for their hard work, monetary incentives are the first thing that comes to mind. True, monetary benefits may increase their productivity level and keep them engaged there are many cashless employee rewards that leave a long-lasting impression. Not only are they unique, they are also a good way to appreciate your employees.

  1. Magazine subscription

One of the trendiest ways of thanking your employees these days is offering them a paid subscription of their favourite magazine or a TV subscription. There is a reason why such gifts are a becoming popular trend and that is their usability. Any gifts when used reminds the user who it was from. A subscription of their favourite TV shows and movies is a gesture they will be reminded about every time they use it.

  1. Play boss for a day:

This can really be an interesting way to get to know how your employees feel about their work and also yours as a manager. It is the perfect example of fitting into someone’ else shoes. If you wish to thank an employees for their contribution, ask them to switch roles with you for a one day. Not only will they feel valued and important, they will also experience the stress and pressure of being a manager first hand. On the other hand, you, as a manager, will get to experience their side of the story.

  1. Movie tickets:

This always works. Movies are that one thing that we all can relate to. Are there any upcoming movies that your employees are excited about? Motivate them by taking them for a movie day in the middle of the day. Better yet, make it a company event.

  1. A spa day out:

Who doesn’t love to relax and rejuvenate? Whenever embarking on a new project, give your employees a half day off to go for spa treatments. The next morning they will be more determined and energized.

  1. Cruise ship Event

Fun corporate cruises are another unique way to thank your employees for all that they do for your and your company. A number of corporate cruise ships can accommodate up to 400 people, offering a number of different packages that include food, transportation, and safety equipment. This time out from the norm will provide your employees with some bonding time outside of work and speak out their ideas and concerns.

  1. Shopping discounts and gift cards:

Offering discounts on some famous shopping brands will also leave a good impression on your employees. We all love to shop, be it buying new clothes or a car wax. Rewarding them in this manner will surely set your company apart from your competitors and make your employees feel valued.