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The logical goal of most business owners is to keep their business growing. This requires an investment of both capital and time, but both are unavoidable. Investing in the growth of your company can be a scary business. There are risks involved, but a cautious attitude isn’t necessarily appropriate for growth. There’s a big different, after all, between being under-cautious and reckless, and taking calculated risks.

Put money into your employees

Your employees are one of your biggest costs and some of your best investments. If you’re looking to grow your company, start with them. Staff morale and passion costs time and money, but they’re worth it. Your staff is walking advertisements for your company, especially when they’re singing your praise from the rooftops. The truth of the matter is, when your staff are unhappy, their turnover rate tends to increase significantly. Hiring and training new staff members costs money, so the longer you can keep great staff in your employ, the less you have to spend on these necessary costs. Paying for staff training to boost your current employees up to the next level is a far better use of your money.

Make well-considered financial decisions

Taking advice from an expert, such as equity investment professional Chris Pivik, before you make any big decisions can help to put your mind at ease, but also ensure that your visions are actually viable before you take the plunge. The money spent on employing an adviser before you make huge financial decisions can aid you in ensuring all the small print is properly considered and everything is done to the letter, which could be a serious saving compared to the cost if mistakes are made.

Take calculated risks

You can never grow your business without taking calculated risks; it’s just a fact of life. Whether you take a risk on a new member of staff, a new office, or a new piece of equipment, it’s important to go with your gut and take the plunge occasionally. Of course, you should never take risks if you’re putting up more than you can afford to lose as collateral. You don’t want to lose your entire business after all. But risks which, should they go wrong, will only set you back a small way, are part and parcel of growing your trade. If you’re still unsure, speak to a professional for a second opinion. And if you’re still not 100% convinced, don’t take the risk - at least not yet.

Never lose sight of your goals

When you started your company, you must have had an end goal in sight. Is that end goal the same now as it was then? Every decision you make within your company needs to be done with your goal in sight, without this, there could be a risk that it is just investment for investment’s sake.

When you’ve investing for growth within your company you have to remember the following: follow your heart, take risks, but make sure you’re able to justify every decision you make.

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