First impressions matter. Everybody can tell you so, and you would have probably gathered as much last time you went for a job interview. There’s a good reason why people make sure that they are wearing their best suit for a job interview. Instinctively, you know that it takes only a few seconds for people to build an impression of who you are. In truth, in an interview situation, the recruiter has already decided whether he or she likes you before you open the mouth the speak. Indeed, the first impression will take into account what you are wearing, your smell – it’s registered at a subconscious level but is a factor of trust –, your smile, how you hold yourself, and how firm your handshake is. In the world of businesses, clients and partners also create their first impression in a record time. This first impression will determine whether they will be interested in pursuing a commercial agreement with you, or not. Here are the three different ways you can influence your business impression.

Make a great first impression

#1. You Matter As An Employee

There is no denying that customer-facing employee matter in building a first impression of a brand. Indeed, your ability to help a customer with his or her issue, to look professional and to give the appropriate body language is primordial. When you face customers, you represent the company in front of them. As a result, you will need to behave in the same way that you’d like the business to appear. Consequently, a professional and knowledgeable attitude is preferred, but it shouldn’t stop you from being friendly and approachable either.

#2. Your Online Presence Is Your Digital Business Card

As more and more people come across a business online and choose to interact online, your digital presence will define whether or not they will trust you. In short, this means that potential customers will be expecting your business to follow the latest website design trends – in terms of usability, accessibility, and engagement – and to have updated content. It’s likely that visitors will decide against you if your website looks outdated and isn’t mobile-friendly. Similarly, if the content has not been updated in years, web visitors tend to assume that your business is not trustworthy. Finally, your social media presence is equally important, as this is perceived as a regular exchange with your audience. In short, avoid any swearing and one-sided information.

#3. Make Me Laugh Out Loud Marketing

Finally, your marketing campaign is essential to acquire new customers. However, it is necessary to be creative with it. Customers remember campaigns that excite or amuse them. It’s about bringing something different to the market. Remember that customers are bombarded with marketing messaging. So make sure to stand out from the crowd if you want to get noticed! Heineken, for example, created in 2009 the walk-in fridge campaign that was released on YouTube. The idea was simple: The brand compared a walk-in wardrobe to a walk-in fridge, registering the reactions of the participants – all actors for the advert. They recorded millions of hits online and repurposed the idea for a second viral campaign the following year.