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The life of a businessperson is very hectic. One time you will be monitoring your business, in the next instance you are coordinating your employees, and in another moment you are brainstorming with your partners. You also can’t forget that you still have to look for more clients and make the existing ones happy.

All these duties and running up and down may leave you overwhelmed. In fact, many realize that they spend little or almost no time with their family, friends, and most importantly “self.” Yes, you do need time with yourself. 

So, how can you maintain the right balance in your business life? Well, have you thought about sports, for instance, boxing, MMA or any other?

How will sports help to achieve this?

Dealing with stress

Dealing with employees, partners, clients, authorities and the government among other agencies can have a toll on your life. You’ll be rushing to file taxes, trying to iron differences, ensuring you do what your clients demand. All this with so little time means you will be stressed out. Some people even find it hard to go out and have a decent meal. Instead, they’ll grab some “junk” food on the way home or to work.

Boxing, MMA and other sports help in dealing with the stress. You may decide to let your anger out by hitting the bag instead of holding it in. You may also want to loosen the stiff muscles, improve your posture, and also improve your cardiovascular system.

Learning about teamwork

A Business whether a sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture or a corporate, is all about teamwork. You need to establish a string team if you are to succeed. A strong idea or strategy is futile if it’s not executed right. You need to be in unison with your employees and partners. You need to ensure you fully understand your clientele, customers, and financiers.

Engaging in sports is the best way to understand and put teamwork into practice. You will learn to give instructions, receive instructions, iron out differences on the field, and also maintain clear communication and cool even when you’ve been fouled. Such skills are vital in every business.

Achieving mental clarity

In boxing, like many other sports, you need to have a good focus. Being sluggish means your opponent has the opportunity to deliver the knockout blow. You need to know where you are standing, maintain good balance, and also observe your opponent. See his/her weakness and takes advantage, And Learn new tactics as you play along.

Such skills are critical in the business world. You’ll always be facing competitors who are aiming to the advantage of your weakness. However, with a clear mind and mindset, you’ll be able to notice their actions, read the business atmosphere, and thereby take advantage of the available opportunities,

Planning skills

The captain of a team needs to coordinate the players while in the field. He/she should ensure the instructions are heard properly. In the changing room, the players will have to discuss the happenings in the field. This also applies to boxing, MMA, kickboxing and other sports where the fighter has to heed what the coach or trainer is saying.
Over time, a person is able to replicate what happens in the field to the business setting. He will encourage open communication; learn to listen more rather than talking more. Also, it becomes easier to identify the strengths and weakness of different employees.

Time management

Many business people confess to being poor timekeepers. They will more-often-than-not rush to beat deadlines yet they had so much time initially. Many will have to pay hefty fines and penalties for late return of taxes, compensating a client, or having to look for a replacement because an employee absconded duty. Business continuity is also a major headache.

Time management is key in sports. If its soccer, you need you to manage your time well. If you are behind in scores, you have to turn things around in the remaining minutes, if it’s MMA; you know that you have so many minutes and so many rounds of play. Spot a loophole early enough and could win the match by ensuring the opponent taps out after a strangle or delivering an uppercut when he lets his guard down.


Sports and business share a lot in common. They all operate within specific rules and time frame. They require a person to be focused and also have clarity. by engaging in sports, you'll be able to not only ease the stress, learn time management, and have better focus, but also will have some fun with family, friends, and mentors,