by Sharon Jones

If you own a small business, and you’re searching for ways to attract new customers and generate interest in the local area, have you thought about using EDDM? Every door direct mailing is an effective marketing technique, which enables businesses targeting local clients to promote their brand and increase sales.

Every door direct mailing is slightly different to direct mailing, and it offers excellent opportunities to target ideal buyers in the local area. The process involves using postal services provided by the United States Postal Service.

The first step when launching an EDDM campaign is to open a USPS account. Next, use the mapping tool to select routes and specify areas you want to target. Once you have done this, you can design your mail piece. Opt for small leaflets, postcards or flyers, and be succinct. You want to create content that is useful, engaging, and visually appealing. When your mail pieces are ready, print them at home or via an online printing service and select a drop-off date. Organize your mail pieces into bundles of 50-100 leaflets, and make sure they are in piles that are no taller than 6 inches. Next, complete the processing forms, write down how many pieces are in each bundle and ensure there’s a facing slip with every pile. Pay for the postage via your USPS account, take your mail pieces to the post office on the agreed date, and wait for the calls and emails to come flooding in.

If you’d like more information about EDDM, check out this useful infographic.

Infographic designed by EDDM Printing by Catdi Printing