by Haris Quintana

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In a competitive market place, it can be hard to make your business stand out from the crowd. Every day we are bombarded with advertising and information, so attracting the attention of potential customers can be pretty tough. Being great at what you do will inevitably form a crucial part of keeping your busy running successfully in the long term. However, to achieve a more significant market share and attract bigger and more high-level clients in the present moment it is necessary to work at your building your business’s profile.

Help to cut through the noise, build your reputation and get your business noticed by following these steps:


Whether you love networking or hate it, it can offer many benefits. For a start running your own business can be pretty lonely, so opportunities to be sociable and chat with others in the same situation is always a plus.

From a business point of view, networking events provide one of the best ways to meet other local business owners and to get your company known within the local business community. Networking enables you to make useful contacts and offers a chance for you to catch up with the same familiar faces regularly.

Networking events often feature a guest speaker, who will share useful information with you during their presentation. These talks can be a great way to keep up to date with the latest business developments in your community and beyond.

The benefits of networking may not be instant, but over time you are likely to find that it helps to send a few more clients and business opportunities in your direction.

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Put Yourself ‘Out There’

So, you’ve decided to give the networking thing a try, but to boost your business’s profile even further why not get out there and meet potential customers and others in your industry in person? A great way to do this is by booking in to attend or exhibit at relevant events. A photographer may want to book a stand at a wedding exhibition to showcase their work and meet potential customers.

Why not put yourself forward as a speaker at industry events to build your reputation? Event organizers often search for professionals that can share their expert knowledge in an informative talk at an event. For example, a trucking expert would be a great choice of keynote speaker at a motor industry event.

Sing Your Praises

Don’t be shy about sharing positive feedback from your customers. When choosing a product or service customers love reading testimonials, and they form a crucial part of the decision-making process.

It’s all very well telling people how excellent your service is, but future customers will trust you more if it is backed up by testimonials from existing clients.
If your business has done something ultra spectacular, why not put together a press release to send to relevant trade publications or local newspapers. If the papers run with your story, it could give your business’s reputation a real boost.