By Daniel Bailey

If you're looking to gain a strong base and following for your online business, it's best to invest the time and effort into a few key strategies. Once you become intentional about executing on these smaller projects on a consistent basis, you'll be able to experience compounded growth.



1. Build an engaging website. Whether you chose to outsource the work or use a plug-and-play option like Squarespace, you'll need to maintain a website. A good website is equivalent to your own real estate. Your business needs a home online and it needs to reflect the style and energy of the company. Make sure your graphics make sense and that you have a thorough amount of information that the average visitor will want to know.

2. Maintain a strong social media presence. Social media is incredible because it's a great way to get the word out for free. You can use various tactics such as video content and hashtags to attract the right people to your page. Once you've gained a following from a platform like Instagram or Facebook, redirect them to your website or a link to your newsletter. Grab their attention through consistent posts, eye-catching graphics and lots of valuable information. If you deliver value, it'll be difficult to keep the people away.


3. Capture email addresses. Out of all the marketing mediums in the digital space, the email inbox is an ideal place to land. Out of all the sales made online last year, the email base had more than all the other platforms (social media, advertisements, etc.) combined. This means that you absolutely need to be strategic with garnering more email addresses from your customers and followers. Once you're able to capture the email address, you'll be able to keep in touch with your list through email newsletters and updates of what's happening within the company.

4. Launch a strong email marketing campaign. An email marketing campaign is essential if you really want to gain traction with your customers. It's a lot like building a relationship. The more they hear from you, the more likely they'll remember you. If you only reach out once a month, you'll be easier to forget. Eventually, there are many subscribers that'll completely ignore or delete your messages. To avoid this and build a strong system, consider outsourcing this task to a company that provides email marketing campaign services. They'll be able to focus 100% of their energy into growing a responsive email list for you.