by Brian McKay

Running a startup business is like running through an almost unlimited forest. The amount of responsibilities and times your evolve your business plan will make your head spin. It's great to be lead by your vision of what you want your business to look like in a few years time. But have you ever thought what it's like to come into work as an employee every day? What does the workspace look like to you without any people in the office? If it looks bland and rather strict in the spacing and equipment, imagine how your staff must feel? An office is far more productive when the environment looks like a place where you’d actually want to come out and chill in. It doesn’t have to be stereotypical cubicles and bolt upright chairs that force workers into an almost robotic-like posture.


Credit Armand Valendez

Don’t be trendy

All too often the office reflects the image of the boss. When you’re in charge, you need to be capable of thinking in two minds. One for yourself in terms of the overall aesthetic of professionalism. And, the other needs to be in the thoughts of a worker who is immersed in the office for 8 hours or more, usually sat at their desk. Mass produced furniture such as metal chairs that have hollowed backrests is not something you should dabble in. Replace any low-quality furniture and opt for something more robust. Belay fabric is cushioning if you can and pick real leather, and multi-padded back support design.

Box standard desks

Brutalism had a large hand in the design of so-called modern office design in the late 80s and throughout the 90s. These influences can be quite clearly be seen by desks that seem to be cut out of a box. Sharp and rigid corners do not encourage a work environment in terms of subconsciously abetting spontaneous creative thought. Make the move to donate your office furniture to the likes of Restore. This is a charity that has opened retail stores that allow anyone and everyone to donate things they no longer need. Your items will go straight toward their other projects such as building homes. Opt for something a little more chic and contemporary in design. The open and inviting lines of such desks stop the feeling of being trapped or enclosed in.


Image source Pptudela

Soviet-esque cabinets

Do filing cabinet really have to be so brooding? Many offices that can be leased and not designed for you personally from the ground up to have these ghastly Soviet-era influence of filing cabinets. Made from steel, not even painted, heavy and freezing to the touch. Going in for something more traditional and altogether more stylish, wooden filing cabinets add to the decor. The natural swirls and patterns of the wood and varnished finish soften even this most mundane of office furniture pieces.

Coming into work day after day and looking around at your work space and sighing under your breath isn’t something to be desired. Why put your workforce into such an unimaginative environment when many modern, chic and contemporary office styles are flourishing? You don’t have to bust your expenditure fund either, many pieces come in bundles and if you’re savvy, buying in bulk during seasonal discount times will give your office a makeover on the cheap.