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Motivation and productivity are two of the essential components of creating a successful workplace and positive working environment. If your team isn’t working well together, then the chances are that targets will be missed and goals not met as a result of this. If a lack of motivation and low levels of productivity is hampering the success of your company, it is high time to address the issue.  

When the morale of the entire team is low, it is much easier to address the problem at its root than to focus on trying to boost the mood of individuals. The most efficient teams work as a complete unit, with every member dedicated to working together and helping each other out. However, as soon as individuals begin to lose focus, it doesn’t take long for the whole team to fall apart. It’s important to remember that in the workplace, the greatest success comes to teams that work together, so ensuring your team remains productive is an absolute must.

So how can you improve the productivity of your team? Here are five of the best ways to get your team back up to speed in no time at all.

Fostering Workplace Relationships

Positive and meaningful workplace relationships are the perfect way to get your team bonding. If colleagues are comfortable around each other, they are much more likely to ask for help or assistance with difficult tasks. Brainstorming also becomes far more common, which can help to generate fresh and innovative ideas.

Friendships should be easy to maintain when you see your colleagues every day, so next time you bump into a co-worker in the kitchen, make the effort to say hello. After all, it costs nothing to be nice!

Organizing Team Building Events

Sometimes a little boost is all that is needed to perk up your team. Organise some fun team building events to get everyone out of the office, spending a day trying their hand at something new. There are a plethora of different team building events available to choose from, so have a browse and book your team on a fun team building day.

Corporate fun days are another alternative to the classic team building events, allowing team members to bring the whole family along for an exciting workplace bonding day.

Creating a Positive Working Environment

There is nothing worse than being stuck in an office with a negative atmosphere. Perhaps some of your team members don’t get on, or there is no sense of camaraderie between co-workers – whatever the issue, a bad atmosphere can have a negative impact on productivity.

Combat this negativity by encouraging team members to get to know one another, or refresh things by updating the look of the office. Sometimes, something as simple as some new office furniture or a big bouquet of bright flowers can do wonders when it comes to improving the mood.

Setting Realistic Goals and Expectations

Not managing to achieve goals can lead to a feeling of failure. If your team is consistently missing targets, it may be worth reassessing these objectives. Are the goals you are setting realistically achievable? Can a particular task be completed in such a short space of time? If the answer to these questions is ‘no’, it may well be worth sitting down and taking the time to set some more realistic expectations.

Celebrating Success

Last but by no means least – how often does your team celebrate a job well done? Whether it is the signing of an important client or something as small as completing a particularly tricky task, every success should be celebrated and shared with the team. This also helps to give people a target to work towards, as rewards are known to help drive success.

Follow these tips to give your team’s productivity a vital boost ready to strive for even greater success in the future. Once everyone is on board, motivation should start to soar and the workplace will be a much more positive place.