by Nigel Hilton


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When most businesses are looking for somewhere to call home, they will focus on buildings which have been around for a little while. With the hope of moving in as soon as they can, it makes sense for companies to look for places which are already built, especially for their first building. Of course, though, going for a bespoke build is still very much an option. To give you an idea of which of these options could be best for you, this post will be exploring some of the work which can be done to choose the route you’d like to follow. With all of this in mind, choosing the right option for you should be nice and simple.

The Business You Run

The type of business you’re running will have the biggest and most direct impact on the decision between pre-built and bespoke premises. For example, if you only need to have people working on computers, having an office which was already standing shouldn’t be too much of a problem. For companies which have to use a lot of heavy machinery, though, it could be hard to fit your tools into a place which already exists, making a custom property the only option. There are loads of different types of companies which require specialist tools.

Of course, in some cases, you will be able to get around needing a custom space by adapting one which already exists. This will often work out to be more expensive than starting fresh, though, as you will have already paid for the building, and the price to buy vs. the price to build aren't hugely different. Building something like a clean room in a place which has been used for many years can cost a small fortune. This makes it worth doing some research to see if your business could find it cheaper to start to scratch.

The Budget On Offer

While the price difference between these two options isn’t massive, it will still be worth considering your budget in all of it. One of the key benefits of buying something which has been around for a while is that you know the price. Construction teams can only ever offer predictions when it comes to the price of their work, and this means that you will often end up having to pay more than you expect. If your budget doesn't have room for this, then it will be worth looking at pre-built places, as it can create a monumental challenge if you run out of money during a build.

The Time Available

Even if you have the best team in the world working on building it for you, having a bespoke property put together will always take more time than simply buying one which is already there. Plans will have to be made, permission will be required, and this is before you even think about breaking ground. A lot of companies won't have the time to wait for something like this, and this makes it crucial that you have a good idea of how long it will all take. While companies like Franna Crane Hire have a good range of resources, they can’t predict the future. Like your budget, it can be hard to predict how much time you will need, and you will often find that delays make it all drag on.

The People Working For You

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about the people you’ll have working for you. Professionals who have been in their field for a very long time will expect certain working standards, with those who have worked for larger companies being used to working in environments which have been built around them. This could mean that putting them into a space which isn’t suitable could impact their work dramatically, and this is something which most companies will want to avoid.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of choosing how you’re going to source the building for your business. As time goes on, more and more options are popping up which can make this easier, and a lot of companies are taking advantage of it. Of course, though, there isn’t much point in going through the trouble of building something which you don’t need, making it crucial that you think about every aspect of your company as you’re getting started. Thankfully, most estate agents will be happy to help you out with this.