by Sharon Jones



Internal communications within a business should be relatively straightforward but, more often than not, they can be anything but. Messages can often be rushed and confusion within the company can ensue as a result. If this confusion ends up trickling through to communications with your clients, then things could get very awkward indeed.

There’s no reason why streamlining your internal communications has to be difficult, though. If you follow these five tips, then you should find that you can improve them in no time at all.

Send Out A Regular Company Newsletter

First of all, it’s worth establishing a regular company newsletter if you don’t already send one out to all of your employees. This gives you the chance to let everyone know about the latest developments and news within your business. You will find that these newsletters help you to improve the transparency in the company as well, as your employees won’t ever be wondering about what is going on behind the scenes.

Use Cloud-Based Communications

The cloud is a big deal for businesses nowadays as it gives them the chance to easily protect all of their stored sensitive data. But did you know that you can also use some cloud-based communication platforms as well? You can read more here. Some companies have started moving their emails, conference call platforms, and video communications onto the cloud so that all of their emails can easily access them all from one spot. It also helps to promote real-time collaborations.

Utilize An Instant-Messaging Service

If you don’t already, it’s worth rolling out an instant-messaging service throughout your company. This will be perfect whenever employees want to shoot each other questions that need quickly answering. It should also cut down the number of emails being sent each day, which can save office workers a lot of time. It should also help people keep a clean and organized inbox as well!



Share Files In One Place

Some of your employees might not have easy access to some files that they need, and might spend time emailing coworkers asking them to send the files over. This can take up a lot of time, especially if the coworker doesn’t send the files in a timely manner. So, to cut down on these kinds of time-consuming communications, you should simply share all company files in one place where everyone has password-protected access to them.

Be Concise With Internal Emails

When sending out emails, it is important that your employees make them as useful and concise as possible. Encourage them to pack the emails with as much necessary information so that there isn’t too much back and forth. For example, when trying to organize a meeting, it is better to suggest two or three possible times rather than getting others to email back with their suggestions as that could make it complicated to choose everyone’s preferred time.

As you can see, communication doesn’t have to be a burden within your community. Hopefully, these tips can help you streamline yours!