All companies need to have a strong focus on their advertising; without this, it is much less likely that they will succeed in selling as much as they need to. Usually, when people talk of marketing efforts, they are primarily referring to the advertising aspect of it. If your business could do with a stronger focus on its advertising, then you might want to think about what makes for a better advertisement. To help you out in that respect, we have put together this list of essential qualities which all great advertising should have.

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In essence, the first goal of the advertiser is to ensure that people actually remember it. If it doesn’t successfully stick in the mind, then it simply hasn’t done its job. Achieving this sense of memorability can be tricky, however, and often it takes a lot of trial and error before it will land. If your adverts are not proving to be as memorable as they should be, then they will neither be effective in encouraging people to use your services or products. For greater memorability, you might want to think about using the traditional tricks: bolder colors, more eye-catching designs, a humorous twist - all of these are proven to be effective.


Where the adverts are positioned in the cultural marketplace is as important as anything to do with the design of them. On a certain level, the placement is a means to get the advertising in front of the right eyes- you need to know what kind of target market is likely to respond positively and position it clearly for them to see. Choosing your placement can be difficult, and you might find that it is best to simply go for a wide variety of options at once. From hockey rink board advertising to bus shelters, and even television and radio - there is a huge variety, and it is worth looking into all of your options.

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A good advertisement is effectively a demonstration of a product or service. This demonstration can appear in a number of ways, and it is part of the creative process of advertising to figure out which the best form is. However, what is clear is that the advert must display properly the product or service in a way which is clear, enlightening and - above all - enticing. Otherwise, it is much less likely that it will do what it is intended to do. It is worth remembering that a good advert needs to have a strong effect as well as demonstrating the product clearly at the same time.

Call To Action

Finally, there is little use in having advertising at all if it does not encourage the viewer to do something. Ultimately, you are looking to persuade people to engage in your chosen call to action, whatever it might be. It is often a simple matter of getting people to go on your website, or call your business. Whatever it is, you need to make sure it is clearly displayed and that your potential customers have a good reason to do it.