by Lina Martinez

There definitely will be some troubles with anything you keep in house. In fact, there will be troubles with things you keep outsourced as well, because everyone makes mistakes, and every now and then something does go really wrong. But we know that some are definitely more avoidable than others, yet some people we feel do not take as many precautions as they should do to make sure problems are kept to a minimum. But the troubles when it comes to keeping things in house seem to be greater, because the people who have to deal with it are you. You have to deal with problems, as well as everything else that goes on when it comes to running your business. So, we’re going to list to you some of the greatest problems of one of the biggest areas of your business. Product or service delivery is the final stage of customer satisfaction, but we all know that delivery is the worst part of any company when you’re a customer. So, let’s see how we can reduce problems, and solve your delivery problems!


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On The Road Problems

The on the road problems are the biggest problem that you’re going to face. It’s like waving goodbye to your child hundreds of times a day, and not really know what’s going on when they leave you. It’s not as dramatic as that, but you get what we mean. As soon as your products leave the warehouse, you’re leaving it in the hands of the driver, and so many things go wrong on the roads at the minute. The first and the biggest one is the road accident between trucks and lorries. They happen every single day, and as well as being super dangerous for the people around, it’s pretty much destined to ruin your products, if not your delivery schedule. You always need to make sure you have a truck accident lawyer on hand to deal with any accidents, whether they be minor or small. When someone sees it’s a business involved, the first thing that comes to their head is money, and you’ll definitely have a lawsuit on your hand.

The second on the road issue that we feel people forget about, is break ins to the vehicle. Obviously people know that their are goods on board, and it’s a prime target for those looking to get their hands on the goods. We would always recommend never leaving the vehicle unattended with the items on board. If the vehicle is empty, leave the back open to prevent anyone trying to break in, because they’ll already know it’s empty!

Warehouse Problems

Obviously a big problem, and in all, the source of all problems. You’ll often find that a warehouse is just so unorganized, and the one solution for all of that is using software to manage it. As long as you couple software with a good management team, organisation should begin to fall into place. You just need to analyse your processes as well, and figure out how you can streamline it to make it super easy!