Maybe your business throws huge events for local communities, music, or sports. Or maybe you are an individual event planner working on behalf of others. Whatever the reason, when you throw a large scale event like this it needs to go without a hitch and there are many things which can turn it into a horror show. These tips can help you throw the event you need to succeed. The trick is to get everyone talking about it, but for the right reasons. You may already be wholly proficient, but these tips can give you those extra ideas to ensure you nail the event.

Use Clear Gates

There will be an area where you check the entrants tickets. This needs to be clearly marked and accessible, and big enough to cope with the volume of attendees. You need to not let anyone in who looks drunk or under the influence of drugs. Consider using a rapid drug screen to test people who appear to be under the influence. In this day and age, you also need to be weary of terror at large scale events. A way of circumventing this is by declaring no bags are allowed to be brought in. This stops you having to search them and limits what people can bring into the event. The use of these gates controls the flow into your event and as such limits any issues.


Hire The Right Security Firm

At these gates you need people who know what they are doing. Try hiring a firm with a record of attending events like these and ensure they are professional. You need to hire enough to patrol the gates, the perimeter, and inside the actual event.

Consider Not Selling Alcohol

Sure, people enjoy it and most will have it whilst watching the show. But there are always some who abuse it. And this leads to fighting, ruckus behaviour and general bad form. Actually think about it, do you really need to sell it at your event? If not consider not selling it. You can really save yourself a whole lot of trouble. This is enhanced when you realise you have to ID lots of people to ensure you don’t serve someone underage, which means you need to check the training of those serving on the bars. Otherwise you could be in a lot of legal trouble.

Ensure An Ambulance Is In Attendance

You may have to pay the local hospital, but try to get an ambulance to stay on the scene of your event. This means rapid response is available for anything bad that happens. If your event is really remote, make sure you have marked out a clear cut space for a medical helicopter to land. Showing due diligence can really make the difference if someone gets seriously hurt and you get taken to court. If you can’t get an ambulance crew then try to hire people who are first aid trained. Even use a medical tent somewhere where people can go to get treatment for their injuries.