by Brian McKay

When you work in an industry that is as competitive as construction, it’s vital that you build the right team around you. You have to be confident that you have the staff needed to complete jobs in the quickest, most efficient, and safest way possible.

Sadly -- as anyone who runs a construction business will know -- this may be easier said than done. Finding good staff is tough in any industry, but the competitive nature of construction makes things that little bit more difficult. While you may be able to attract some applicants to your company, they may not necessarily have the “right stuff” for your business. Talented construction workers don’t stay unemployed for long; they’re soon snapped up, which means you have a very limited window to draw them to your company.

If you have been struggling to find the right staff, then you need to ensure that your construction business is as attractive to potential workers as it can possibly be. Here are a few methods you may want to use to help achieve this goal.


1) Emphasize Your Safety Concerns



It comes as no surprise to anyone that construction is one of the most dangerous industries. The risks of construction are in the very nature of the job; working at heights, dealing with heavy objects and plant machinery.

A good, experienced construction worker will know the importance of the correct health and safety procedures in a workplace-- and they will have high expectations of any company that they work for. They will only work for companies who take the appropriate precautions; companies who ensure a safety railing is always installed when working at height, and who are thorough in the maintenance of their equipment. If you’re going to attract these workers, then emphasizing how your business focuses on safety is one way to differentiate yourself from other employers.

You should look to include reference to your health and safety practice in your job advertisements, as well as making sure that you reinforce the point during the interview process.

2) Offer Good Healthcare

Due to the safety concerns of those working in construction, providing a good healthcare package is an essential if you want to attract the best and the brightest to your company.

Construction healthcare is expensive; insurers know that those they are providing coverage for are more likely to need medical treatment than the rest of the population. However, this is an expense you’re going to want to bear, as it could be the factor that swings the decision in your favor. If a talented worker is considering two offers, and one company offers great healthcare, then they’re almost always going to go with that company.

3) Talk About Your Longevity In The Industry

Construction can be a fickle industry, with workers somewhat accustomed to moving from job to job, sometimes working on a freelance basis. Most people who work in this industry have also been hired to work on jobs where the project has then been cancelled, leaving them in the lurch.

As a result of this kind of turmoil, job security is extremely important to a construction worker. They want to know they are going to have a job to rely on, and that means working for a company that has a solid track record. Emphasize the connections you have made, the contracts you have pending, and the amount of work you need assistance with. This should help tempt any potential workers, who will be tempted by the idea of stable employment in an industry that has a tendency to be notoriously unstable.

4) Offer Opportunities For Advancement



Any good construction worker is going to want to advance their career; their ambition and drive is part of what makes them good at their job. This is why you should always seek to promote from within, and advertise this fact when you’re trying to recruit.

Upward promotion is very attractive to driven individuals who want to further their career. It allows them to judge not only the job that is on offer at the moment, but also the potential for their own future development. Like healthcare, this is the kind of incentive that can help tip the scales in favor of your company if a worker is contemplating two job offers.

It’s worth mentioning that a policy of promoting from within will help your business too, so this is definitely a strategy you’re going to want to adopt anyway.

In Conclusion

Hiring good, dependable, and skilled constructions workers can be incredibly difficult, but the tips above should help your company stand out to potential workers for all the right reasons.

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