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It’s a well-known fact that after a long Christmas break employee's return to work a little down, dreary and generally, not in the mood for hard work. Productivity levels hit an all-time low, and you might even find that customers notice a deterioration in the quality of service. It’s bad news all around but there are easy ways to resolve the situation. Here are some of the best ways to get your employee spirits back up just after the festive season ends.

Announce Exciting Plans For The New Year

The best way to get employees motivated is to let them know where the company is going, how it’s going to affect them and what the goals are. If you give employees a direction to head in, they will already be motivated to reach that target. Particularly, if you remind them that there are rewards available for the right type of achievements. It’s worth reminding employees of possibilities for promotion at the start of the work year to make sure they fire on all cylinders. To do this, make sure you sit down with your employees or send them a group email. Let them know where things stand and where you would like them to be six months down the line. Let them know it will only happen if they work hard as a team. To find out more about leading a team check out

Don’t Let The Cheer Die

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The festive season is when the office changes a little. There might be mistletoe or bells hanging over the office door with Christmas cards on desk. Perhaps everyone is getting their secret santa a wonderful gift and generally spirits are high. It might not even feel like work and it’s easy to lose that feeling as soon as the festive season ends. You want to avoid that if you can and make sure that employees still feel appreciated. Light hearted jokes in group emails and produce this effect. Or, you may just want to leave your door open. Letting employees know their voice is still being heard is a great way of making sure they feel connected to your business.

Give A Little Incentive

You can reward the best workers in the office to encourage others to get their head down and get to work. Nothing big of course, but a small award from a site like can be a step in the right direction. It lets them feel appreciated without having to increase anyone’s pay or offer other expensive incentives that push your annual costs up. Really, a little award is all you need to brighten everyone’s spirits.

Ease Them In Gently

Although if we’re honest, perhaps the best way to get over that slump is to ensure you don’t kick into high gear straight away. As the business owner, it might be appealing to start pushing back as hard as you can as soon as you get back to the office. If you do this, you might find that employees resist. It might be better to ease them in gently and let them gather speed at their own pace. For more ideas have a look at

But sometimes holidays mean time for employers to rethink the whole company. Such case may entail hiring new people or letting someone from the staff go. Dealing with the last one is not rocket science but still requires some general knowledge of procedures which you can check here.