by Sharon Jones

If you want to plan a corporate event then you will have to plan out absolutely everything you can on paper. If you don’t then you may forget what you have planned and what you haven’t. On top of this, you may also find it way more difficult to organize your team as well. Of course, even if you do write everything down, you still need to put the work in to make sure that your event runs smoothly, and here are some top tips that will help you with that.

The Basics

You need to understand the who, the what, the why and everything else you need. Planning out your budget is also crucial, as this will determine the city in which the event will be held and even the scale of your business event. If you are targeting external clients then you need to work out what is going to draw them in, while also making sure that you maintain a certain amount of professionalism throughout the whole process. It’s a great idea for you to have a question and answer session with the team you are going to be working with. When you do this, you can then bounce ideas off one another and it will also help you to really make sure that your event is something special.



Sure, the newest club in town may be appealing for your event, but you do have to make sure that your venue reflects your audience and the purpose of the event itself. Take into consideration how people are going to get there and also think about them getting home. Remember that places that have great access to public transportation routes are great if most of your target audience don’t drive.


What will be on the menu? Who will be the main point of contact if your clients have any questions? If you are not attending the event then you need to have a company contact as well. A lot of people choose to have dinner served when they are hosting a corporate event and this is great. You do however need to make sure that you hire corporate caterers and that you also plan out whether you want a buffet style menu or whether you would rather have a set menu. When you have settled on your choice, it’s then a good idea for you to work out whether you need to have a vegetarian option.


Introduce Yourself!

Remember that you probably are going to have guests from different cultural backgrounds, so take care not to offend and also try and engage them as much as possible. It also helps to mingle with other people so don’t focus on a single group of clients. If you have other team members working with you then try and encourage them to do the same. This will give a great impression of your company and it will also help you to stay in their memory for a long time after the event.

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