Imagine going to bed after marathoning the entire first season of a new show, then waking up to dozens of bank alerts saying that you’ve just been paid a hefty sum of money while you were sleeping. Who wouldn’t want that?

Sadly, creating an internet business isn’t an easy task. It is, however, a task that can be done while you’re in your underwear with a cup of coffee in hand. Internet businesses can usually be operated from the home and you won’t ever have to step outside for anything more than your daily necessities. There are countless business opportunities and all it takes is a bit of planning and creativity.

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Ensure You Have the Right Tools

Luckily, it doesn’t much gear to start an internet business. All you need is a laptop or computer and an internet connection then you’re ready to go! You might also need a webcam or a microphone depending on what kind of methods you want to employ to make money. Set up a web page detailing your services or your idea, then start building it up. Here are some of the most profitable and accessible ideas to get you started.

Creating Video Content

There are millions of YouTube users that are eager to watch something informative, funny or shocking. You could record pranks on your friends, teach people how to cook or even discuss topical subjects. You could record your face and your reaction to different things, or you could just record your voice and put some soothing footage in the background while you speak.

YouTubers are capable of making millions of dollars every year. You’ll have to start small and build up a fanbase or niche, but it’s a good way to be creative, funny or informative and still make a ridiculous amount of money while never having to leave home.


If you have professional qualifications for a skill or fancy yourself as a clever individual, then you can make money by selling your services to other businesses or clients as a freelancer. You could start by writing articles for a news site, designing web pages for a startup business or even acting as a personal assistant to someone wealthy. There are endless opportunities and almost everything can be sold as a service to some degree as long as you advertise it properly and to the right people.


Bloggers start small. Income might come in the form of ad revenue at the beginning, but it can quickly expand to affiliate links and creating your own products such as eBooks, physical books or handmade goods. You can blog about almost anything that you can think of. It could be about your pets, video games, music or fashion. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creative writing.

Setting up a business around blogging can be tough. You need to target a specific demographic or else you might not see many comments and views on your subjects. Try to be different and make sure you stick to your own personality—no one likes a fake blogger.