by Jerry Mooney



These days, when it comes to marketing, you’re more likely to find the business tend to push their focus towards online marketing methods over offline. And that’s completely understandable, especially seeing as so many businesses are online only themselves. So why would these companies do things different? Well, instead of pushing every bit of budget into online marketing methods, it may even be worthwhile to push them into offline methods too. Because many of these can be really powerful, and don’t deserve to be overlooked. So much so, that you may even be able to get some great results by giving them a try. If this sounds interesting, read on to find out which some of the most effective methods are.

Print Advertising

First of all, we need to talk about print advertising. So many people say that print is dying, but the like of Conde Nast and Heart may beg to differ. Because there’s still a huge market out there that favor print media. And you need to be doing your market research to find if your target market is included in that. Because if your ideal customers are people that are all for print, you should be all over it! Some forms of print advertising can be expensive, but it’s always worth testing some ads to see how well they perform.

Digital Signage

Okay, so technically this next offline method is a bit of a blend. Because while it is an offline marketing technique aimed at offline consumers, it’s also making use of digital and online technology too. But the power of digital signage is not something you should overlook. This is something that could work particularly well for you if you have a physical premises or store.



Next up, there’s always events. For a lot of people, it’s easy to believe that you can just go about your business, on your premises or from your office. But sometimes, it’s better to get out and about. For this reasons, doing trade show exhibits or hosting events for your customers can be really effective. Yes, they take planning, budget, and time, but they often pay off and allow you to connect with your customers.

Direct Mail

From here, there’s always direct mail. Again, this isn’t something that everyone likes to do, but it can still be really effective. It’s just a newsletter campaign, but in real life! These kinds of campaigns can often be really effective for B2B companies especially, because it adds a more personal touch to your sales process.


And finally, don’t forget about sponsorship. You may find yourself drawn to online sponsorship options, or you may have done some in the past, but they’re still just as effective offline. Again, based on your target market, you may find that some kinds of sponsorship end up being the best kinds of marketing methods that you can do. Because when you’re able to team up with similar businesses are harness their influence, you could tap into a consumer base that really pushes your business to success.