A good office space equals happier and more productive employees, which is good news for you. It will mean a lower staff turnaround, so less money spent on training new people and recruitment. And it means your staff are likely to care more about their work. and do a better job. But what can you do to make the space as inviting as possible? Here are just a few of the ways you could go about it.

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Deep Clean

Do you have a thick layer of dust on your cupboards, and dirty windows that you can barely see out of? Having a deep clean of the area will totally transform how it looks. You could get in a commercial cleaning company such as unitedunlimitedcleaning.com, so you know it is done to a professional standard. If your files and stationery cupboards are disorganized, it can make finding things stressful for your staff and generally isn’t good practice. So if things have slipped recently, this is one area where you could make a change.


Grubby walls or a dark and dingy color scheme can make a space look depressing and uninspiring. You can get around this problem simply by redecorating. A fresh coat of paint, a change of floor covering and some new furniture can give the office a new lease of life. It will make it a much nicer environment for your staff who will be sitting in it for most of the day. A fresh looking office also makes a good impression to clients and customers too. Go with a bright and airy shade, white or some variation of off-white on the walls keeps everywhere looking spacious.

Bring In Plants

With everywhere looking clean and fresh, bring in some life in the form of plants. It has been well documented how plants are beneficial in the workplace; they help to boost mood and productivity, and they of course look nice too. It’s a nice way to bring in some texture and interest in a unfussy way.

Move Desks Next To Windows

You shouldn’t just consider the furniture itself, but the layout of the furniture too. For example, putting desks next to windows allows your staff to benefit from the natural light. This is much better than harsh artificial lighting; it’s better for the eyes and also boosts mood and productivity. It’s a simple tip but could well result in a happy worker rather than one who feels depressed.

Give Workers An Area To Socialize

If your staff have a decent area to sit and relax and socialize on breaks, it means they don’t have to leave the premises every day. It could be a few comfy chairs and a coffee machine, but it makes all the difference. When you’re planning out the space and designing how things will look, it’s worth working in a section like this.

What steps have you taken to ensure your office is the perfect place for your employees to work?