So, you’re in charge of a production line. Maybe that’s where you intended to be in life. Maybe you’re not sure how it happened. Either way, you’re in charge of the process. This means you’ve got a lot of responsibility on your plate!

People rarely think about manufacturing when they think of startups. They tend to imagine factories as businesses that have been around for decades. But there are newcomers to this line of work too, just as in any other industry!

When you’re managing a production line, there are lots of opportunities for mistakes. You need to make sure those… y’know, don’t happen. Because a few mistakes in production can cost you so much in the long run. So let’s take a look at common manufacturing mistakes

Not knowing what you’re making

Surely no-one would manage a production line without fully understanding what they’re making?

Well, basic of production line management doesn’t always require you to do so. You can manage things without knowing the product intimately, as long as you know what goes where. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to know the product and its steps of production. When you know exactly what the product is supposed to achieve? Then it’s easier to perfect certain parts of the production process.


Not preparing lines for heavy loads

Your average manufacturing process is going to include a lot of heavy loads. Most will think about the toll that heavy items can take on employees. But you also need to spare a thought for the machines that have to deal with heavy loads! You need to make sure that production lines can actually handle the weight, and do their job with speed. FAG bearings are something you can install in equipment to help with this. Heavy loads could severely damage your tools if you’re not careful. And repairing or replacing them isn’t easy or cheap!


Not keeping track of inventory

You need to know your inventory inside-out as soon as possible. What if you’re halfway through a production process and find that you don’t have the right materials? You  Sure, modern delivery services can be extremely fast. But don’t let yourself rely on the speed of others! companies. You should always have what you need on-site. Get orders processed before you run out of items. You can achieve this by keeping track of inventory properly!


Not putting safety first

There are so many safety risks in factories. There are the heavy loads we spoke about earlier, as well as all the heavy machinery that deals with those loads. There are also hazardous, sharp, or extremely-temperatured materials. If you want to be sued, then by all means, don’t focus on safety. But I’m guessing you don’t want that. Consider having your factory evaluated for risks. Fire risks, spillage risks, electrical risks... It’s hard to think of a risk that isn’t potentially present in manufacturing! Your priority isn’t for this factory make a profit. Your priority is to make sure your employees get home safely every day! Read up on safety management.