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Dare to dream? Until you don’t challenge yourself you can't succeed. To begin your journey towards the goal that you are most passionate about in life persistent efforts in the right direction are key. This includes developing a certain skill set required for specific industries along with relevant experience. More than anything, you need to be passionate and highly interested in the job you are aiming for. If you are chasing a certain job just for the sake of social acceptability or to earn an income you should reconsider your plan. Intrinsic motivation is vital to helping you land your dream job.

  • Knowing yourself inside out

Until you haven’t identified where your expertise lies how will you work towards it? Hence, to be able to secure a job where your passions and interest truly lies you need to recognize them first.  The most successful entrepreneurs, businessmen, and head-hunters advise their juniors to do what they love and not indulge in what is trending and just follow the herd. It is very important to associate a feeling of achievement and accomplishment with your work so that you are self-satisfied and content with what you are doing. Connecting your dreams and aspirations with a compatible career is far less stressful than going around looking for a job when you are not clear about your objectives in your mind yourself.

  • Bridge the gap between your skills set and dream job

The next obvious step is evaluating whether you have the relevant education, experience or skills needed to do justice to your potential job. One way of approaching this viewpoint is carrying out your analysis and seeing how much do you fulfill the requirements of the job you wish to get. If you feel you lack in something you need to take out time to first build up your skills and by signing up for courses and diploma that will polish your skills.  Do you intend to be a corporate slave or an entrepreneur? Often this evaluation will help you decide whether you are ready to work under someone or you would like to be your own boss. Often people with good leadership and managerial skills and the ability to think out of the box end up doing their own business. They just have to figure out the right kind of business for themselves.

  • The best comes to those who wait

Do not be so stringent in identifying your comfort zone that you are unable to step out of it and deliver what is required out of you. Defining strict and rigid lines around you may only trap yourself in a bubble, secluded from the real practical world. Maybe for five or even ten years you might still be looking out for your dream job but that doesn’t mean you sit idle in the meantime. The wait should always be purposeful. Keep evaluating your options and gaining first-hand experience in the field you have majored.  You never know what you may find or discover about yourself while working in a certain situation which will set you on the right path. There are several internship and trainee programs available for fresh graduates, which will teach you things you should know after graduation. Unleashing your true potential may also come from trial and error and exposing yourself to certain opportunities and threats in the environment. Adaptability and flexibility are one of the most in-demand employee characteristics that an employer looks for in potential candidates.

  • Network like crazy!

Like one needs a mentor to constantly guide you and make important life decisions you need to have a professional network which can be a source of support both moral and professionally t help you climb the ladder of success. Realizing your final destination is indeed a major breakthrough but in order to keep you going, you need to pave a path for yourself and learn at each step. Especially connecting and networking with people in your domain can do wonders to your professional growth. Getting to know someone’s story can prove to be inspirational for you and may help you explore new avenues.

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