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There comes a time, with most businesses, where a new base of operations is required. Whether you’re moving to your first office, or expanding your company, it’s a hard time. This post goes through some of the steps that you can make the whole situation easier for yourself.

  • Things To Consider Before Moving

Here are some of the important considerations you need to make before moving.

  • Can I Afford to Move? The likely answer to that for most companies is no. Even if you can afford the rent on an office, you need to consider all of the costs. Like utility bills, new staff and estate agent fees. These things can all mount up to be a lot of money.

  • Is Moving Worth It? Once you’re getting bigger, and you’re earning money online, you don’t want to leave it to run itself. If you spend time building a physical presence, you site is likely to be neglected. It’s not worth sinking your company for nothing.

  • Am I Big Enough? If you’re not big enough to move, it can cost you a lot in the long run. Can you really afford enough staff to justify an office? And, is it possible to continue operating as you are currently?

  • Where Should I Move To? Choosing a good location can do wonders for your company. If you run a fairly specialized operation and need qualified staff, you’ll want as many people as possible to have easy access. But, if you only require admin work, you can find the staff anywhere. Make sure your location is appropriate to your type of business.

  • Choosing The Office

When it comes to choosing your office, you have a couple of choices.

  • Do It Yourself: You can easily source your own office and sign the right documents to make it yours. But, there’s more work to do than that. If you go down this route, you’ll need to be prepared to spend hours researching. You will also be responsible for sorting out the furnishings, utilities, safety, and anything else required. Obviously, you can hire people to do this work for you, but that’s an extra cost you may want to avoid.

  • Use Someone Else’s: You can find loads of office space for rent online. Most companies offering this service provide fully-furnished offices which are safe to work in and cover all of the bills. You just tell them what you want, and you can move into your new offices. This, unfortunately, does limit your choice when it comes to decoration and location.


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  • Getting Setup

Once you’ve got the paperwork signed and you’re ready to move in, you’ve got some work to do. Before any of your staff enter the building, you’ll want computers setup and the office ready to go. If you need help, you can ask your employees or hire someone. And, on the big day, make sure that all of your staff know exactly where to go.

This should give you some peace when it comes to setting up the process of moving to your new office. Just remember to do research, and ask for help from professionals when you need it.