by Sharon Jones



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Public speaking is one of the most frightening tasks known to man. From captains of industry to an average Joe on the street, there is no who likes addressing a crowd. But, it’s essential to get over this fear for the sake of the business. A firm which doesn’t have a quality orator is one that is going to suffer. Why you ask? It’s because of the role public speaking plays in the industry today. Nowadays, it isn’t rare for organisations to conduct meetings and present information on site. A leader who can’t speak clearly will not get their point across, sadly.

Still, why is this a bad thing, and why are companies freaking out? To learn more, just take a look at the following. Here’s what businesses need to understand the link between success and oration.


It Generates Leads

So you tank a meeting – no big deal! Sorry, but this attitude won’t get you far because a meeting is a missed opportunity. The people in the room should be ones who have an interest in a partnership. As customers, they are looking for a product or service to take care of their needs. Should you step up to plate, they will gladly pay the firm to handle their business needs. Unfortunately, corporate clients don’t hand out money without extensive research. They do background checks, ask for recommendations, and attend meetings. The candidates which don’t tick every box are stricken from the list and lose a potential lead. When presentations fail over and over, they are cutting off possible revenue streams. And, a bad performance is usually a result of poor communication skills.


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It’s Fixable

Okay, you’re not a natural speaker like Obama or a Martin Luther King. But, don’t let that get in the way of improving your oration skills. Over the years, there are numerous examples of people and parties who have turned into skilled communicators. To do it, they understood there was a problem and acted, and you can do the same. Need to boost your presentation skills? No worries because STL has a range of courses which are suitable. Not so good at addressing crowds due to nerves? Don’t fret because TED has some powerful public speaking tips to ease the tension. Just remember that practice makes perfect, too. Your business may be suffering now yet that can change in the future.


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It’s Impacts Marketing

Picture the scene. You have picked an event to sponsor and everything is going perfectly. The drinks are flowing, people are mixing, and enjoyment is in the air. Then, someone asks you to make a speech. It’s no biggie, right? Well, it is if you make a mess of the toast in front of hundreds of people. Not to burst your bubble, but the attendees see you as an extension of the business. As such, not being able to give a simple address won’t reflect well on the company and the hard work may be for nothing. Sponsorship events aren’t the only marketing strategies to consider because it can happen at a trade show also. Great speeches live long in the memory and encourage people to shop with the company and stay loyal.


It Affects Morale

Don’t look at public speaking from a purely financial point of view. Yes, quality communicators generate leads and help the marketing effort, but they also create a useful mentality. Employees in the office look to the hierarchy for guidance and inspiration. After all, they are the people who are supposed to be leaders. If they see a manager who sweats and stutters at a public event, they will lose confidence. As harsh as it sounds, a vote of no confidence impacts every part of the job. Not only do they see them as poor communicators but begin to question their credentials as a whole. The discord can tear a team apart and the only way to put it back together is a new leader. All of this can be avoided with a speech which is clear, concise and succinct. Indeed, a quality speech can encourage positive emotions and bring the team closer.


It Shapes Efficiency

For many years, businesses have been obsessed with efficiency. Since studies revealed the impact it has on success, companies have been striving for perfection. However, an organisation can’t be efficient without a leader who can communicate. The reason is simple: no one will understand their job roles. As the boss, it is down to you to disseminate information and prioritise tasks. Then, the workforce tackles their daily workload based on the info you provide. A simple yet effective method can soon become confusing, however. When a boss mumbles or doesn’t seem to understand the topic matter, employees have no idea how to act. Do they carry on as normal? Do they change up? If so, how and why? So, instead of working, an office may spend the morning figuring out their tasks for the day. The best communicators don’t waste words and ensure they are on a level with everyone for efficiency purposes.


It Enhances Critical Thinking

The term “critical thinking” is a fancy way of saying a person thinks before they act. Something so simple sounds like an obvious skill yet lots of managers speak first and evaluate later. Of course, it often leads to mistakes which are potentially hazardous. Plus, they are errors which are avoidable in the first place. Orators don’t suffer from this problem due to the process of giving a speech. Whether it’s addressing a crowd or a team of subordinates, a leader has to understand how to get his or her point across. For example, they may have to battle the educational gaps in the room and change their vocabulary. Or, they may have to involve subtle and aggressive tactics to motivate the different characters. Regardless of the why, a communicator has to analyse how to be effective when they open their mouth.

Essentially, public speaking impacts everything from office morale to efficiency and lead generation.


Sharon Jones is a contributor to zenruption and has her B.A. in Political Science from UCLA. As a new mother, she is interested in helping shape the world her daughter will inherit. She likes pina coladas and taking walks in the rain.