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As a business owner, you would be wise to remember that particular piece of advice in the title, running your company. You might suppose that there are business accidents that can not be prevented. This is a false assumption and one that could get you and your company into a lot of trouble. As soon as you start assuming that accidents just happen, you’re going to stop trying to prevent them. Now, if you have a great insurance plan you might think that you can get away with that. Well, we promise you can’t. Indeed, it’s true to say that with this type of attitude your business is going to cost a fortune to run. So, you do need to think about ways to reduce accidents and not just suppose that they are going to happen anyway.

Check Safety Equipment


Our first piece of advice is that you make sure that all safety equipment is in great condition and operates as it should. This is particularly important in any business model that involves manual labor. For instance, construction workers might be using ropes and harnesses to keep them secure. If they are dangling down from a building or into a hole in the ground, you need to make sure they are safe. If you use a trusted company, you can guarantee the equipment you use will keep workers safe.

Forget Human Error

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If you research online, you’ll find that the rate of human error is around one percent. To put that in perspective, a typist will make about sixty errors in a sixty thousand word article. That’s why when you read a book, you might come across the occasional grammar or spelling mistake. This is true, even if it has been produced by a top publisher. Now, grammar or spelling mistake won’t endanger the lives of anyone. But a mistake in your office certainly could. For instance, we all saw the catastrophic outcome of human error last year in Uk theme parks. Many people were injured, and a girl lost her leg. On the side of the company, they had to pay out an undisclosed amount in damages.

You might think that since the mistake was due to human error, it couldn’t have been prevented. But we dispute this, and with the right training, you can always reduce human error. You can work to ensure that employees know how to make sure accidents don’t happen. Remember, if you think a job is to difficult for your employers to handle you can call in an expert. Companies such as SAS Rope and Rail specialise in providing teams for hard to reach jobs so you don’t have to use your staff.

Hire Experts

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Last but not least, you may want to hire experts to check for any safety issues in your business. This will help ensure that if there are any issues, they are resolved quickly. Hopefully, this will happen before the case of a serious incident. Health and safety officers can be members of your current team. Or, they may be people who you have hired from outside the office. It’s entirely your choice.

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We hope you stop think about accidents as things that just happen and work harder to prevent them.