By Lina Martinez

When your business undertakes an expansion, all kinds of things are thrown up into the air. You have to be able to deal with what falls back down. One of the key things to prepare is the office itself. This is where all your work gets done, so it has to be able to handle the expansion of the business. With new horizons come new problems, so here’s how to prepare your office.


Is the Space Adequate?


First of all, you should think about the amount of space that’s on offer inside your business. If you are not able to offer your team, which may be expanding, the space it needs, will they succeed? The answer to that is probably not. People need to have a setting that is adequate in order for them to do their jobs. And the space on offer will be a big part of that. So, it might be wise to assess the space you have and consider whether it would be a good idea to move into a new office.


There Will be New Hazards


When your business expands, it will cause lots of new hazards to arise. Even something has simple as having more people working inside your office can have an impact. When more people are clustered together in a small space, trips, accidents and other things become more common. You should focus on increasing the health and safety measures in place. Install new smoke alarms and ensure that there are no tripping hazards in the office. You should also take advantage of fire blanket testing to make sure you know how to deal with that challenge.



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Managings Potential Conflicts


There are two main reasons why conflicts might be more common in your office when you are experiencing an expansion. To begin with, there will be more people, and they might not blend together as you would want them to. This means that conflicts and disagreements can emerge. The other issue relates to the fact that expansions require new ideas to be tried. And whenever a business tries new things, there will be people who bring different ideas and perspectives to the table. It’s important to ensure that any debates and disagreements are handled in a way that minimises conflict. And have a plan in place for dealing with conflicts if they do emerge.



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The Right Equipment and Technology


Your office is not just an empty shell. It’s also home to all the equipment and technology that your employees use on a daily basis. Therefore, the tech you use really needs to be up to scratch if you’re going to make a success of your expansion plans. Your employees won’t be able to do their jobs properly if they are not provided with the right equipment and technology. These days, it’s impossible to do most jobs if you don’t have these things in place. In this hooked up world, the latest computers and forms of software are essential to the smooth running of most processes in the world of business.



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