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The threat of vandalism is a very real one for businesses across the world, and it can do extreme long-term damage in some circumstances. What some might see as a nuisance, others will see as a serious problem. There’s a reason why it happens regularly to certain businesses and never to others, and we’re going to explore this today.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to put a stop to vandalism before it threatens your business. Let’s get started!

So, What Is Vandalism? 

Vandalism is a form of criminal activity that you’ll rarely come into contact with during the day. Normally, it takes place at night, with gangs of criminals targeting your business for any number of reasons. It commonly takes the form of practices like graffiti spraying, broken windows, and other types of criminal behavior. This becomes more serious when theft occurs, elevating itself above the ‘vandalism’ categorization.

Is Location A Factor?

Absolutely. Where you choose to develop your business will have a huge effect on whether it’s a potential target for vandals. It all starts with the area itself, and whether that area is commonly linked to criminal activity. Then, you need to give a thought to how visible your business is, and whether it’s close to neighboring businesses. Criminals are looking to target properties that aren’t all that well protected. So, the more hidden they are, the more opportunities they present. 

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How Do You Prevent It? 

The best way to prevent vandalism is to both prevent it and take steps to rectify it. Prevention is particularly key, for obvious reasons. This begins with installing a security system to deter would-be thieves in the first instance. The most effective method to start with is using industrial inspection cameras. This could include CCTV installation, security alarms and much more. Remember, vandalism isn’t always just a prank done to deface property.

Some vandalism can be strategic and perpetrated by competition or spies. In this case, it becomes critical to monitor your sensitive or vulnerable areas with detection that is equal to the task. A radiation tolerant camera is very effective at identifying issues undetectable by normal video feeds. This can help you detect damage done to critical facilities due to vandalism, or simple breaches due to age and use. These cameras are recommended especially if they are monitoring facilities which present potential hazards or significant costs.

There are other things you can do, too. You’ll want to clean off pesky graffiti before it becomes a real problem. Unfortunately, even the smallest amount of graffiti invites others to get in on the action. Also, if you’re willing to go to extreme measures, security gates can provide an extra level of protection.  

What Are The Penalties?

No, criminals can’t just get away with vandalism with no penalties. But, it’s up to you as a business owner to report it as quickly as possible. The relevant authorities will deal with it as best they can, but they’ll struggle with nothing to go on. This is yet another reason why security systems and additional forms of evidence can prove particularly crucial. In the case that the perpetrators are caught, they’re likely to receive anything from a warning to a jail sentence. And, in terms of getting the money you need, compensation can be sought in many cases.  

Vandalism has the ability to destroy a business in certain scenarios without question. In order to avoid this from happening, securing your business is crucial. Think about this before establishing your business, and never take the threat of vandalism for granted.

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