by Sharon Jones

Given that we spend so many hours each day at work, it makes sense that we would want our workplace to be a nice and welcoming environment. We are more productive when we are happier and more comfortable at work, so as a business owner it does actually make financial sense to invest in improving your workplace for your team. With this in mind, today we are sharing 5 ways to improve your work environment. 


Image Pixabay - Pixabay License 

Renovate and remodel

We will start with the biggest project on our list, to renovate and remodel your premises.

Take a look around your workplace and assess whether you feel it is fit for purpose first and foremost. Whilst we would advocate remodeling to improve the ambiance, we appreciate that this is not always a financially viable option, so you need to prioritize how effectively the space works for you. 

You might find that you need to improve the place structurally, to ensure that it is safe and well maintained to prevent issues later on. You might find that you need to call in drywall contractors or builders to carry out some of the renovations for you. 

Then take the time to think through whether work can be carried out more efficiently if you change the layout of the space, as this might lead to remodeling work. 

Let the light flood in

Wherever possible you will want to let the light flood in. 

Natural light is better than artificial light, so remove any blinds and shutters that block the light and be careful not to place things too near to the windows as they will prevent the light from filtering in. 

Keep it clean and tidy

A clean and tidy work environment makes a far better initial impression with clients than one that is in disarray. It also makes for a more pleasant working environment for you and your team. 

If it is an option, do hire a cleaning company to keep on top of this for you, or pop a rota system in place for your team. If an ongoing cleaner simply is not affordable, then you might want to look into occasional professional deep cleans so that you just need to keep on top of day to day tasks in the interim. 

Encourage everyone to take care of their own workstations and operate a tidy desk policy. 

Get your team involved

It makes sense to get your team involved in improving their work environment. They are likely to see things from a different angle to you and will appreciate being asked for their input. 

Let your team know that you are interested in making some changes and invite suggestions.

It goes without saying that you must prioritize keeping it safe for everyone, but beyond that, give them free rein with their ideas and then talk through the possibilities together. 

The extra touches

Finally, it is often the extra touches that can really make a work environment a pleasure to be in. 

Add a splash of color, scatter some potted plants around, buy fresh flowers from time to time and ensure that you are always stocked up with tea, coffee and a few refreshments. The little comforts and added extras will be appreciated by all of your team.