by Lina Martinez

It can often feel as though being the ‘good guy’ doesn’t pay off. Sayings like ‘good guys finish last’ even cement this belief, and they often end up being accurate. The baddies win the girls, get the cash, and generally seem to live better lives. Let’s face it; even the villains in films often seem more appealing. Who in their right mind prefers Batman to the Joker? You may even feel like your good nature means waiting longer to get the life you want. And, in many ways, you wouldn’t be wrong. Most girls mess around with bad guys before settling on someone nice. And, being honest with money can undoubtedly see your savings growing at a slower rate.

But, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for nice people. Everyone knows, after all, that the good guys win in the end. And, if it’s any consolation, you can rest easy that you’ll always come on top when in business. Baddies never win from a business perspective. Those who open companies with terrible ethics or selfish desires always miss out. If you’re good and honest, however, you stand a much better chance at success. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out why companies with lousy tactics are never liable to get off the ground.

They’ll never keep customer trust

When customers pay a company for a service, the enter a contract of trust. They’re trusting that the company will deliver what’s promised at a fair price. It should go without saying that shady tactics are a fast way of breaking that contract. Companies with bad ethics may either not deliver, or charge over the odds to do so. And, customers never stand for that stuff for long. The moment they spot a better price from a competitor, they’ll see that they’ve been duped. If the product isn’t as promised, they won’t even need to wait that long. Either way; there will come a time when customers realize their trust was misplaced. When that happens, the ‘bad’ company will fast fall to its knees. Breaching trust is sure to see customers writing bad reviews and warning everyone away. In extreme cases, they may even demand refunds which clear those ill-gotten gains in no time. They certainly won’t become the loyal customers which we all know are so crucial for ongoing success.


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They’ll lose the support they need

It’s not only customer trust which is essential in business. In the early days, most companies also need the support of larger corporations. On a fundamental level, this involves seeking representation from search engines like Google. Some companies may even seek deals and investment from larger stores or enterprises. If they then go on to practice lousy business ethics, though, they stand to lose every last ounce of support. Worse, they could become blacklisted for all time. As can be seen from this article on Zimamedia, tactics such as shady link schemes could lead to losing search engine support for good. Equally, earning a bad reputation could turn investors away for all time. Why would an established company risk an association with someone flouting the rules? Even if a company think they're smart, then, there will come a time when their plans come crashing. By comparison, an honest company could keep support like this throughout their business journey.

They’ll struggle to hit the mark

At the very least, shady business tactics mean a company will struggle to hit the mark with customers. Tactics like cloaking may get them higher in search engines, but it won’t get them any closer to done deals. Instead, they’ll earn themselves a reputation as time wasters and liars. Neither of which are labels a company wants next to their name. Even something as simple as making unfounded claims is sure to lead to dissatisfaction and ultimate failure. When it comes down to it, this is nothing more than a backward way of doing business. Even if it earns some initial success, that’s never going to last for long. There’s no hiding in the business world, after all, and the baddies always get found out eventually.

Don’t think, then, that there’s no place for niceness in this world. In some fields, it really does pay to do the right thing. Even if an unethical company seems to soar ahead of you, you can bet that you’ll overtake them not too far down the line. At least, you will if you’re honest and open about your business from day one!