By Sharon Jones

All business leaders know just how important it is for their employees to all work together as a team. This can make all the operations in your company a lot more efficient, and everyone will get on with one another. So if you need to improve relations between your employees and to help create an effective and efficient team, holding some team-building ideas is a great way work on this. However, your employees might not be so keen on this idea! Traditionally, team building has a bad reputation because it pushes people well out of their comfort zone. However, if you use one of these brilliant ideas, hardly anyone will be able to hate on them because they will have far too much fun!

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Friday Night Drinks

Most of the time, companies simply forget that employees need to break the ice before the feel fully comfortable working with one another. And the best ice breaker is a few drinks after work! This idea is catching on in startup culture, and now many young and small business owners hold office drinks for their employees after work on a Friday. This fun evening activity will give our employees a chance to get to know each other in a non-professional environment.

Hold A Color Run

If there are a lot of fitness-oriented people in your company, they will love helping you organize a fun color run! These quirky runs are just like short road races. The only difference is that they aren’t quite as serious, and the runners will cover themselves and each other in non-toxic paint. You can buy color powder online from various sites. Then you just need to find a venue for the run. Speak to a local sports center to see if you can hire out their running track.

Scavenger Hunt

Remember taking part in exciting scavenger hunts when you were a kid? Well, why not bring all this excitement into your office by planning a scavenger hunt for your team. Depending how many people work in your office, you should split into two or more teams. Give each team a list of tasks to do. For instance, they might have to take a selfie with a stranger or take a picture of a famous landmark in your city. The winning team will be the first one to complete all the tasks on their list! You’ll find that there is no better way for your team to bond than when they are working together to try and win the scavenger hunt!

Cake Sale

These days, lots of companies support charities and social ventures. One of the best ways to raise some cash for these causes is to encourage your employees to organize a cake sale in your office. This is an especially great idea if you work in a block of offices alongside many other companies. Your team could then brush up on their sales skills by selling their cakes and cookies to the employees at the other companies!