By Lina Martinez

We all remember seeing those shady shops in the downtown area when we were young: convenience stores with a front that wasn’t painted properly and a dirty door, and going inside was out of the question. Well, that feeling didn’t just apply to your childhood self, it matters to everyone! People are more likely to be successful when they look good, and thus carrying that over to your office or shop front is the best thing to do to take your business higher. Thus, if something doesn’t look right, people are simply not going to walk in with an interest, and that makes your business front one of the most important factors of your business operations.  Here’s some ideas.

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For a Shop Front

A lot of people own their own store, bringing in money via niche markets and handmade products that look cute and work just as well as the big brands; this is especially good for a local area. However, getting more tourists and extending your local rating is going to do wonders for your work.

Looking clean and tidy is the number one solution for getting more customers to come through your door. There’s a lot of free advertising on offer here, so make sure you use it to good effect! Marketing campaigns online and in the newspapers will only take a customer so far after all!

You’ll also need some detail, as a shop front that looks comfortable and cozy is extremely pleasing. Awnings over the windows are a good touch for something like a bakery, as it reminds people of the olden days and cobblestone streets, and stylish mannequins with interesting combinations always work well for a clothes department. There’s a lot of power here; even just mentioning the ideas gives you a vivid image!

Looking Professional in a Highrise

A lot of the time when you own your own business, you’ve rented out a set of rooms on a floor of a tall building and you have to share the entire street with many others. This makes it a lot harder to flex your creative muscle, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

You can also set a precedent with a generic office front. Think about it; looking good on the inside is a great way to keep clients and customers in your building for longer, and using color to influence emotions is a good breakaway from the grey or red brick outside.

For the outside, when it comes to improving the street value of your exterior looks, you could install some aluminium canopies across a walkway. This can offer practicality, such as shelter from the rain, and the design can be customised to make the piece look a little more creative. Talk to your landlord or the other owners you’re working amongst, as plenty of them could also find this a good idea.

Lots of design ideas can work wonders for your business, so make sure your physical location partakes in the style trend too.