by Brian McKay

When it comes to your packaging, the chances are that you focus on quality appearance over everything. That’s what packaging is all about, isn’t it? This is your chance to make your product stand out in the market. A memorable package could, in fact, be the thing which ensures those customers come back to you time and again. At the very least, a pretty package is a sure way to make your business look good on the shelf.

But, what if we were to tell you that the packaging you choose should offer more than a pretty appearance? In many ways, this is like dating. A potential partner could look great, but that relationship won't last if the benefits end there. The same applies to your product packaging. It can look great, but it’ll still fail to keep customer interest if it falls down in these three significant ways.

Packages which don’t retain product quality

This one seems simple, but it’s astounding how many business owners fail to consider it. You need packaging to protect your products above all. That’s the primary function which you should never forget. If your packaging leaves your products exposed, you’re never going to succeed. So, make sure to think about how your packaging choices protect the quality of your products. If you sell fragile goods, you need hard packaging which keeps everything in one piece. If you sell food or even items which need to stay fresh, consider something like these stand up pouches. These may not be the designs you had in mind, but functionality should always win out. A pretty package won’t do you any favors if your products are moldy or damaged once customers get into it..


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An impractical shelving solution

When we’re dreaming up our wild and wonderful packaging, many of us also neglect to consider how they’ll appear on shelves. Instead, we focus on the funkiest shapes going. Go figure that these are rarely easy to shelve. If your package doesn’t stand up on its own, for example, display could become difficult. If your packaging is bulky to boot, you could find that you end up with a bad shelf placement. Everyone knows that top shelf products don’t see the best profits. So, make sure this doesn’t happen by considering shelving-friendly designs. Self-standing options like the pouches mentioned above are best for this. Equally, flat packages which can hang on shelf pegs can work well in prime positions.

A package no one can get into

Last, it’s crucial you make your packages easy to get into. Access isn’t often high on the priority list, but tough to crack options are sure to annoy. In case you didn’t know, annoying customers isn’t the best for business. Instead, you want to make packages as easy for your customers as possible. That means providing access flaps or easy to tear serration. Fail to include these things, and you may find that no one is willing to take your packaging on a second time.