by Jerry Mooney


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You need to get your brand noticed if you want your venture to be a success. It is often said that consumers need to see a brand at least 7 times before they take any notice, and they will not buy until they trust the brand they are viewing.  This is because your brand reflects your company and they want to know that if they buy from you the quality of the goods will not be below standard.


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Start With An Original Logo

Your logo should be like no other businesses and a simple one is more effective. Consumers do not want to have to spend ages trying to fathom out what it is, in fact, they will not bother.

For many potential customers, your logo will be the first impression they have of your company, which is why it is so crucial to get it right. Colors can also affect their perception of your brand. Yellow, for instance, conveys optimism and warmth.  Blue shows trust and dependability and purple signifies creativity. Although colors do not mean the same to everyone, these are the most common interpretations of just three of them.

The same can be said of fonts, and it seems the simpler ones are the ones that attract consumers the most.

Where Should Your Brand Be?

Once you are happy that your logo represents your brand the next questions is where do you put it? The answer is very simple, everywhere. It should be on all emails you send out, social media posts, letters, and packing materials. With product labeling equipment, it can even be on the goods themselves, and that has to be a bonus. If you can afford to invest in it, please do.

You could also think about some free gifts such as mugs and key rings. Hand these out to people and your logo will be seen every time they are used. Having your vehicle wrapped with an advert is also a way of many people seeing your brand every time the car is on the road. Once you have paid the initial cost of the wrap, it is a free form of advertising until you remove it.


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Social media And Email Marketing

These are both cost-effective ways of getting your brand to be seen by many thousands of people. Neither method should be ignored. Social media has millions of people sign into their accounts every day. Although you cannot expect your posts to reach all of them, they will certainly be seen by quite q few.

You just need to post regularly, and then when someone wants to buy something you sell, they will head to your site. They may only be a friend because on Facebook, for instance, but human nature is such that consumers would rather support the business of a friend than a stranger.

With email marketing, you can reach many thousands of people at very little cost. There are sites that specialize in sending them out for you. You just have to create the email and they sound them to however many people you want them to go to.

Marketing is all about getting your brand known, and if you go the right way about it, it does not take long to show results.