by Nigel Hilton

Completing a degree helps you to learn not just concrete knowledge but also different ways of thinking, researching and solving problems. When you're looking for work, the subject of your degree isn't always as important as the type of degree. If you decide to study history, you'll learn a lot about history but you will also find it changes the way that you think about things.

See Things Through Different Lenses

When you study history, you learn to look at things in different ways. You will apply different theories, study social norms and understand the context of historical events. Studying history can make it easier to see other people's perspectives and to look at things from all angles before making decisions or forming opinions.

Build Your Analytical Skills

Analytical thinking can be applied to many things in your work and other areas of your life. If you decide to get a history degree, you can learn to think analytically and solve problems in a variety of fields. You don't have to stay in academia or use your history knowledge in your career for your analytical skills to be useful for your job.

Learn to Assess Materials Critically

A history degree can also help you to assess things critically, whether it's the news or journal articles. It's important not to accept everything you see as fact, especially in the digital world. You will learn how to tell if something comes from a reliable source or whether it's fake news or propaganda.

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