by Alma Causey



Dallas has been focusing on developing a dynamic future for a long time. Residents of this city have sought to remake themselves and exploit greater facilities so they can transform their living standards. The fruit of these efforts is that today Dallas has quite a diverse economy. Sectors like telecommunications, architecture, transportation, defense, financial services, and information technology are the major players in the economy.

Inhabitants of Dallas believed that land was the best tool that will help to serve their ambitions. This vision reflects clearly in the architectural expertise of Dallas. Its flawless buildings and neighborhoods tell us all about their progressive outlook. The city holds plenty of possibilities for newcomers and old residents. If you are looking for a place in Dallas, or perhaps you want to renovate your current one, you must be looking for a contractor to deal with the subcontractors and suppliers. He will also handle the building codes, zoning regulations, and basic construction elements. Most of the time, contractors have their own company, so it’s easier for you to conduct a background check and review their past projects to know if they are competent enough.

Majority of the contractors are honest, but there will always be some who are ready to run a scam and escape with client’s money. We hear stories about horrendous contractors who tore apart the living room and never returned. Some stories tell us about projects that cost three times the original estimate of the contractor. These are indeed nightmares that no one can put up with. And even when it comes to good contractors, renovation can be stressful and expensive.

The selection of contractors also depends upon the kind of work you are willing to take. If it is a commercial project, it’s best that you hire a general contractor who will then hire subcontractors. If it is a residential project, you may hire specific people for jobs like plumbing and electrical wiring.

Whichever way you go, here are some steps you can take to find quality contractors in Dallas, TX:

Get recommendations

People among your friends and family who have carried out similar projects are your best sources. Similarly, people in your building trade and the building inspector can also help you out to pick a contractor that abides by the zoning regulation. Employees of local lumberyard can also tell you the names of the contractors who keep coming often and are known for their quality purchasing.

Referral from bank or lender

Your financial resource can be an incredible source for obtaining a list of quality contractors. They work with various real estate agents who hire contractors to work on their site. They can provide you with an account of their previous projects. Ensure that your business relationship your bank is well-established from the beginning so it would be easy for you to ask them for referrals.

Referrals from brokers

The broker that works in your vicinity or your real estate agent can provide you with a list of quality contractors. But this does not free you from the task of research. People often research and evaluate based on their needs. They know, better than everyone else that what is the kind of work they are looking for. Hence, research is fundamental. Some brokers make recommendations because they want to earn a commission or a referral fee from the contractors.

Online reviews

One way to start your search is to check the online sources. Google all the contractor agencies operating in Dallas and you can look up at their reviews to be sure that they have good customer feedback. Online reviews are usually unbiased, and the best way to kick start your search.

Quick interviews

Once you have made the list of contractors you are willing to give a shot, you must start making calls to the prospects and ask them questions, like:

·         Do they work on projects like yours?

·         Do they have any other ongoing projects? If yes, how many?

·         What is the duration of their deals with subcontractors?

·         Do they offer financial references?

·         Who were their previous clients?

Their answers will give you an insight into the company’s reliability and strength. A part of these interviews is to ask the companies to provide a written bid. This way you can compare the bids of each company from another. But remember that the comparison is only possible when the bids are on similar tasks and the same materials.

Direct meeting

Your phone interviews will help you to narrow down your list of contractors to three or four viable ones. Your next step should be to meet with them for further discussions. This person will spend a great deal of time in your house, and you are practically asking them to restructure your lifestyle. It is essential that you communicate with them. This conversation will help you decide whether you should opt for them or not. Throughout the meeting, you must try to judge if they will meet your requirements. Do not let their personality fool you. Most importantly, check in with Dallas consumer protection agency to make sure if they have a history of conflicts with subcontractors or clients.

When it comes to select a contractor, the single most important factor that contributes to your decision is how well you and he/she communicate. Once you have finalized the company or the individual you are going to hire, you must decide the payment schedule. This will tell you about the work ethics and financial status of the contractor. Make sure that you draw up a written contract which documents all crucial details like proof of liability insurance, compensation payments, project completion date, required materials and payment schedule.

The best contractors in the market are those with a history of experience, satisfied clients and quality output. Work out your ways and find them to avoid your project from turning into a disaster.