When you consider Kimberley tour packages, you can be sure that your camera will be working hard. Even if you’ve already visited the area, there are still so many things to see and photograph. The stunning, rugged landscape is a dream for even amateur photographers, so here are some top tips to get the best photographs on Kimberley holidays.

Pack Your Accessories

You may already have your luggage planned for Kimberley tours, but you need to remember to pack your camera accessories. The landscape in Kimberley is well known for its stunning, rugged beauty, so you’ll need to be prepared to get the best photos. You need to ensure that your camera is kept in good condition when you’re hiking through trails, so pack a durable bag, and a foldable tripod will help you to minimize blurriness.


Plan for the “Golden Hour” 

The golden hour arrives at dawn and dusk, creating truly magical picture opportunities. When you’re travelling in the Kimberley, this is the best possible time to get your camera out. There are no two sunsets the same as the light bounces off the water when the sun is rising for an absolutely stunning shot. While the Kimberley sun is often harsh, the soft glow at dawn and dusk will provide a less extreme contrast and cast the rugged terrain into spectacular relief.


Get Different Perspectives

Many people have a habit of taking their photos from the same eye level, but this may not be the best way to take in the stunning sights of the Kimberley. Try to change things up by getting some different perspectives. Take a few shots from different levels, and you’ll see how different things will look. Shoot from hip level, crouch down or get up high to obtain a whole new perspective.


Adjust Shutter Speeds

The Kimberley is packed with water, from waterfalls and lakes to stunning beaches, but capturing water can be a challenge. If you want to create some amazing shots, and get a sense of movement in your pictures, experiment and play around with your shutter speeds. You’re likely to be amazed at how you can produce some amazing pictures, just with a little shutter adjustment.


Focus on the Little Details

While sweeping panoramic photos are amazing, don’t forget to capture all the small details of your visit. Try to focus on the little details to create some real memories of your trip. From close ups of wildlife and foliage to footprints in the sand and posing with the rock formations, these types of pictures will bring your visit to life in the years to come. Be sure to pack plenty of memory cards and shoot in RAW format, so you can edit the pictures more closely when you get home.

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