by Brian McKay

So, it seems that my mom saying she didn’t want “dirty Mexicans” living across the street from her, wasn’t just an isolated occurrence.  A new study has shown that the narrative of Trump voters being poorer and uneducated is wrong. Prior studies have even shown higher incomes among many Trump supporters. It doesn’t come down to what we thought, but in every way,  it also does.

It was always based on fear and loathing.

Trump supporters are more concerned about losing political position than anything else, according to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the message that converted voters to Trump was one in which America has to be the world’s dominant superpower, white males need to sit at the top of the nation’s food chain and that hierarchy is at serious risk.

As dumb as it is, the human race is still many races to the Trump supporter. Skin color apparently makes a difference. What difference that might be, a rational person could never imagine. I personally have no clue when skin color, religion, sexuality and gender mean nothing about love and achievement.

So that’s it. Racism and sexism. Seriously. Racism and sexism control this country. Somehow we once managed to make disabilities off limits. Way to go ‘Murica.

Ohhh sorry. I left out the brutality of social Darwinism. The evangelical crowd that thinks Darwin was evil seems to be more than happy to use a social version of survival of the fittest to make sure poor kids can’t get one full meal a day. Guess what? The study found that too. People would rather hoard their dollars than give a few bucks to help a kid. For fucks sake, Republicans have even recently tried to make the argument that a full meal doesn’t mean a thing. Hurting children in a country with the highest amount of hungry children in the advanced world, shows a level of depravity that is beyond unreal.

We all knew they weren’t poorest people. No, the poorest have been those they thought received every opportunity simply by enacting civil rights. Fox News (read racism lite) has spent years of its panderers of fearful rhetoric claiming that the Democrats have sought to keep minorities down in order to have a voting base. Their fear, and the fear of their viewers, would be in having to acknowledge that racism is still institutionalized in the US and they have been even more complicit in that.

With whites set to become the minority in the U.S. by 2045 and young people exerting massive political power that is unprecedented while abandoning religion and other traditional institutions, there must be worry that institutional racism will finally be discovered. What happens when it is fully acknowledged? What happens when the complicit have evaporated any hope of legacy? The idea that anyone can be anything in America, will have to be shown as never having been real in any decade. That surely scares the historical revisionist set that thinks we have a country created by God.

It's always been just fear. Fear that we recently had a black President. Fear that their money might go to someone else. Fear that the espoused conspiracy theories might not necessarily be true. But the biggest fear is the potential for a day of reckoning. That day when power might evaporate to those of other skin colors.

And thus, the threats from POTUS against the Constitution haven’t mattered. The moral failings have meant nothing. The dysfunction and vile use of social media have been “refreshing”. Massive cabinet and senior position turnover, has still been good management somehow. Little being accomplished has become the most productive presidency in history to them so long as it is destructive. Environmental stewardship has become communism. Letting people die from lack of health care has become ok. Racial slurs have never really existed in their rhetoric. Those engaged in reality are now radicals.

It all comes down to fear. Its has for years along with the inability to absorb the rapidity of change and potential marginalization of those currently in power.

At one time, fear allowed almost an entire people to embrace the false concept and mythical origins of a master race. It seems that fear is revisiting it prior effectiveness once again.


Brian McKay loves being able to say whatever the fuck he wants. He loves writing in a bar even more. His background includes some degrees and some silly businesses. Tacos and cheap beer are his weaknesses.