You may have heard of VR, AR, or both. VR stands for virtual reality, while AR stands for augmented reality. These two concepts could be changing the way we do many things in the future, having an impact on our regular everyday lives. Here’s how!


Many people like to kick back each day with a video game, and some studies even suggest that a little bit of playtime can be good, helping us to improve skills such as coordination and reaction time. However, both VR and AR are changing the gaming world. Avid gamers are already wearing headsets and seeing themselves in a whole new reality, and this is set to get even better in the future.


At the moment, driving has a lot to be desired. Sure, it’s improved over the years - the introduction of compulsory mirrors was a big help when it came to safety! That being said, there are still many accidents due to human error. Soon, drivers will be able to see lots of helpful information right in front of them as they drive. Things like nearby carparks, and other things that will stop you from reaching for your phone.


There are two kinds of shopping: online shopping and shopping in person. VR and AR aim to close the gap between these shopping experiences. Shopping in person is great because you can try things on, but it expends a lot of energy. Shopping online is less hassle, but you can’t try on the item and sometimes you have to send things back. Take a look at the infographic below for more information!