Technology isn’t just for big businesses and healthcare professionals. More and more technology is being developed which helps us all to increase efficiency, convenience, and productivity. There’s a whole range of tech out there which can do anything from helping to run your home, to choosing some new clothes. Here’s some of the top tech that can aid your everyday life…


Some of the best technology is the kind that helps us to organize our everyday lives. Online calendars allow you to sync your schedule with others. This is a great tool for everyday use which helps you to organize and manage your time. Speech technology allows us to instantly get access to our contacts, the weather, it can even help us to send messages quicker. For those who are in a hurry, speaking to rather than scrolling through a smartphone saves a lot of time. There are even home hubs which can be controlled from your phone. So you can turn the heating off remotely, or turn it up for your arrival home!

Keeping Track

Lists are nothing new. Being able to keep track of our shopping, or writing a to-do list is a pretty basic concept. We can use our phones, laptops, or even tablets to keep track of this kind of thing. But now we can use technology to keep a track of our fitness and health. Watches and apps which record our workouts, runs, or any form of exercise, sync with other devices to record and store our results. This way we can effectively set goals and monitor our progress. There are even sensors of phones to measure your resting heart rate and stress levels.

In terms of diet, certain apps can help you to keep a track of your food intake and stay on track. Apps which automatically work out how much you should be eating take the stress out of dieting. Even if you’re eating out, the chances are these apps will know how many calories there are in that store bought sandwich.

Retail Therapy

Some new advances in tech mean that it's never been easier to treat ourselves. Augmented reality retail is a breakthrough in the fashion and beauty sector. Virtual reality technology has made it possible to immerse ourselves in gaming and the likes but augmented reality is helping the retail market.

Augmented reality retail gives the consumer the chance to virtually try on, or try out whatever it is that they are planning on buying. For instance, you could walk around your new kitchen design and see how it feels. In the world of fashion, you can see how clothes or makeup would look without having to buy them first. So everyday retail therapy just got a little easier!