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By Lina Martinez

There are lots of different types of software that your company might find useful. There are some that will be specific to your company, while others are more generic pieces of software. However, your company will likely use a lot of different types of software for a lot of different things. With that in mind, here are some pieces of invaluable software for your company.

Bespoke Software

Bespoke software is software that has been specially made for your company. It works exactly how you want it to work and does exactly what you want it to do. This means that you can get exactly what your company needs to perform a specific task. You will need to hire a company to create this bespoke software for you and this can be quite expensive. This means you need to weigh up whether you need bespoke software or if you can use some more generic software for your purposes. CRM is a commonly made bespoke software because a lot of companies will have different types of CRM. For example, a telecoms company is going to use different CRM to a wholesaler. They both need CRM in order to run effectively, but they will use them differently. This is why bespoke software is often the key.

Content Management

If your company has a website and a blog (something that is should really have), then you will need some way to add and create content for it. This is where content management software becomes so important. There are online content management services that you can use such as Wordpress. If you have created your website through Wordpress or use it for adding content, then you will quickly find that it is incredibly flexible. Users can add plugins, customize pages and quickly and easily add content. This way, you can add blog posts and other pages to your website without any trouble. You need to make sure that you are using something decent that makes it easy to add content to your website and blog.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a fantastic and flexible package. It might be more expensive than a free alternative such as the Google products or OpenOffice, but neither of those can match the number of features available in Microsoft Office. When it comes to word processing, Microsoft Word on Office 360 has so many options that you will easily be able to create whatever you want. You can use the Microsoft Office package to create posts, type documents, create invoices, create booklets and even magazines. There is very little limit to what can be done. You can even manage your finances by using Microsoft Excel. This spreadsheet software allows you to easily forecast and budget your company's finances. You can set it up so that if you change your revenue and sales, then it will automatically change your profit to match this change. The same can be true for inputting new expenses as well. You can also take advantage of Microsoft Office’s Access software. This is a database software that will allow you to create a database of your customers and clients. You can then easily search for the customer or client that you need and have all of the relevant information. This can be great for creating a mailing list or needing to store information for another reason. Microsoft Office comes with lots of other programs and bits of software including Outlook to help you manage your emails. There is so much and it will be invaluable to your company.


Slack is an excellent communication program that allows you easily manage your team and keep in touch with everyone. You can set up channels for specific projects or ideas. You can have hidden, secret channels that are exclusive to management as well. You can also speak to individual people. Slack allows you to host internet calls in the same way as Skype, but with a lot more flexibility. You can also add plenty of plugins to Slack that make using it even better. This might be through using polls or using a Google Drive plugin so that everyone can easily access the shared space. Slack also has a smartphone app, so you can always be in contact with your team. The smartphone app can do almost everything that the computer version can. Slack is a fantastic addition to any team and company. It is also mostly free unless you have very large teams or want to pay for some of the extras that they offer.

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