By Sharon Jones

By now, you should be using social media as part of your business’s marketing strategy. If you aren’t, then that is something that you need to fix straight away! But for those of you who are already utilizing social media for your company’s marketing, you may be trying to figure out ways to use it much more efficiently. And one way to make better use of your social media presence is to make sure you are using all the tricks possible. Not sure what kind of tips and tricks are out there? Here are some of the best that you need to start using right now!

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Show Off Positive Feedback On Facebook

Studies show that around 35% of comments left on many companies’ Facebook profiles are actually compliments. It’s important to show off all this praise to everyone who is looking at your profile. That way, you can persuade potential customers to spend their money at your company! Unfortunately, Facebook’s standard settings will bury all of these positive comments under ‘recent posts by others’.So your fans and followers will have to actively search through all the comments to see the good ones. And not many people are prepared to do this. Thankfully, there is something you can do. Firstly, click on your activity log. Click on the pencil icon and then uncheck the box that says ‘allowed on page.’ And that’s it! Now all the positive comments left by your fans will be visible.

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Use Location Services

These days, almost every social media platform gives you the chance to add a location to each of your posts. Even SnapChat has started to do this! The device you make the post on will use its GPS to figure out where you are. There are a few different benefits of tagging a post with your location. Firstly, your customers will be able to see exactly where your shop or HQ is. That way, they won’t have to spend ages looking your address up. The other major advantage of tagging your posts with a location is that they will appear with other posts tagged in the general area. These location tags work just like hashtags. So if you tag your post with Brooklyn, New York, someone who is scrolling through posts that have been tagged with this location will also see your post as well! This makes this trick very useful if you want to increase your local client and customer base.

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Increase Shares From Your Blog

These days it is very important that all company websites have their very own blog. This helps to increase SEO. Not sure how your company’s SEO is? No problem - you can always speak to an expert at a digital agency such as The But one of the main things that will help give your site an SEO boost, and therefore help it to rise up through search engine rankings, is to create shareable content. The more times a piece of your content is shared, then the traffic to your website or blog is guaranteed to increase as well. So, this leads us nicely to the big question: how do you increase shares? The best way is to create relevant and current content that people want to read. It is also important to share all of your content on social media. Make sure you use hashtags so that more people will see it and, hopefully, share it!

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Utilize Pinterest

Most companies and businesses are already on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And more and more are also signing up for SnapChat. But what about Pinterest? Right now, only a few companies are getting onboard with this excellent social media app. One of the best things about Pinterest is that it has fantastic search engine capabilities. It is often recommended that those with personal accounts should turn off this feature, though. But brands and big companies should definitely leave it turned on for best results. If you turn your search privacy off, your Pinterest account will then appear in search engine results. And this is a great way for more potential customers to find you through their Google searches.

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Add A Profile Video To Facebook

Did you know that you can now change your Facebook profile picture to a video or a gif? This is a great idea to help your profile stand out from the crowd of other profiles. It is ridiculously easy to do as well. You could simply film a short video on your smartphone and quickly upload it. Making a gif is slightly harder as you will have to process part of the video and turn it into a gif. When it comes to these profile videos, they don’t have to be up forever like your picture. In fact, you can choose a set period in which the video will be shown. So, for instance, you can upload your new profile video, but change the settings so that Facebook removes it after a few days. This way, even if you do forget about changing it, you won’t have to worry about your profile image or video getting old and boring.

Personalize Your Twitter Profile

Did you know that you can change the color of your Twitter profile and background? There are some set shades that you can choose from in the settings. Not only that, though, but you can also go one step further and upload your own image to be used as the background of your profile. Doing this is a great idea for all companies. That’s because it is a great way to help your profile stand out from everyone else’s. You should also think about customizing your banner image on Twitter. It could be a good idea to hire a graphic designer to design one with your business’s logo in it.

One thing is for sure, you will certainly notice a big difference once you start to use these tricks! Your number of social media followers will drastically increase in such a short space of time!