By Jerry Mooney

The idea of drones is one that has been around for some time now. This is nothing new, and it’s been doing the rounds in science fiction for a long time too. Ever see that Tom Cruise movie Oblivion? Well, drones played a massive role in that movie as they policed a dystopian future society. And, thinking about it, that may not actually be that far off reality. We could reach a point where we have drones all across the world as commonplace machines.

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The future is certainly creeping up on us at a pretty fast rate, and technology is evolving before our very eyes. And there’s no doubt that in the near future drones will play a pretty sizeable role in our society. In fact, we have already seen many of the ways in which drones are affecting things, even right now.

Consider that drones are already being used to deliver things now. Indeed, Amazon made trial deliveries using drones. This is an unprecedented step and one that could change the future of commerce as we know it. In fact, we have gone one step further with drones these days. Domino’s Pizza trialled the first ever pizza delivery by drone in New Zealand earlier this year. Think about how awesome it will be when you can finally order a hot takeaway and have it delivered to you by drone!

Of course, there are plenty of drawbacks to using drones for a lot of things. For one thing, we need to make sure we iron out the creases. There is no doubt there will be problems like malfunctioning models and potential vandalism to contend with. But, if we can sort these out we will be perfectly placed to enjoy the rich benefits of using drones in daily life.

In fact, you can actually buy your own drones these days. Going online you can find a used DJI Phantom to Parrot Bepop to buy. Of course, personal drones will be regulated, and there will be certain rules you’ll need to adhere to. But they are the future, so by getting one now, you can stay ahead of the game and get prepared for where drones finally become mainstream.

So, what else might we see drones doing in the future? We'll, the possibilities are pretty much endless, as long as they are programmed effectively. They could prove invaluable to law and order, as well as carrying out valuable surveillance. In fact, we might even see a future in which drones police and run our society, but this seems a long way off yet.

We have also seen the emergence of the world’s smallest virtual reality drone which could change the face of entertainment. There are so many different functions that drones have and could be used for in the future. We are entering an exciting time for technology, and this is just one small step into the future for society.

Drones present a lot of exciting opportunities for us going forward. And it’s important to take a look at exactly what drones can offer you, and whether it's worth your while investing in one now.