All of us deal with life’s little annoyances. Usually, we tut and disregard them and get on with our day- but when we’re already feeling stressed, little things going wrong can seem like a big deal. Battling with daily annoyances can also make you less productive and waste time. If you’re hoping to be more efficient in 2017, here are just a few of the ways you can go about it.

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Download a Charging App To Your Phone

There are few things more annoying than ‘low battery,' except low battery when you’re out and about and need access to your phone. Even after you charge it all night, a couple of phone calls, texts and emails and the battery life can take a dramatic hit before you’ve even had your lunch. There are many reasons why your iPhone keeps running out of battery. First, location services while useful definitely take their toll. Secondly, having apps running in the background will also contribute. Finally, over time your phone’s battery will naturally stop holding charge as well as it once did. If you’re fed up of charge issues while you’re out and about, download a charge app to your phone. Here it will show you all of the nearby public places where you can go and power it up.

Sign Up For a Shaving Subscription Box

Sick of battling with blunt razors? A shaving subscription box sends monthly razors and shaving products right to your door, so you can look smart and professional and there’s absolutely no hassle for you! Have a look online and find out what kind of companies are available in your area and sign up if it’s something you will use. It’s something that can make a daily annoyance that bit easier.

Turn Your Home into a ‘Smart Home.'

Not only does home automation feel incredibly novel and futuristic, but it’s also useful too. Voice activated systems such as the Amazon Echo can link up to a range of smart home accessories such as lights, sockets, and heating. This allows you to control these things with your voice, or if you’re away from home with the app. No more getting to work and worrying if you’ve left the iron plugged in, just log into the app and turn off the socket from there. You could activate the heating from the app when you’re on your way home from work, so it’s warm when you get in. You can even get devices such as smart kettles, and have the kettle boiled and ready to go when you arrive home! All of these processes can certainly make life easier.

Get Into The Habit Of Writing Things Down

Appointments, meetings, special dates, your to-do list and other important things to remember. Rather than trying to store them all in your head, get into the habit of writing them down. You will be far more efficient as things won’t be forgotten. You don’t even need a pen and paper, utilise apps to store the information you need.